The GOP “hit and run” on our economy

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The DSCC has a new ad which looks at the core ideology of the Republican Party and its policies of deregulation that led to our current economic crisis.

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  1. This comment is for Thane, This blog is for cry baby liberals who only know the same old blame the rich, blame the republicans montra. They will never admit any guilt or copability. If you haven’t noticed the Progressive/liberal/ist’s never take any personal responsibility. Not even when they are giving TRILLIONS of our dollars to wealthy Wall St. bankers. They still spin it to say they are doing it for Main Street. The other end of the mule should be on the RSS feed.

  2. If the Republicans deserve the blame for the poor economy then the Democrat Party deserves the blame for being asleep at the switch (and still are). The Democrat Party must think that if they repeat deregulation often enough, blame “speculation” and their ever tried and true blame the wealthy meme that the voters will never notice that the problem with the US economy begins and ends with the Federal Reserve and that the Federal Reserve has been slipping America the mickey for years.