The GOP is Lucy and we are all Charlie Brown

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Jed Lewison at Daily Kos laments:

Republicans have found the key issue of 2010, and it isn't the economy: it's the proposal to build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. They are positively giddy with glee at the prospect of spending the next 80 days or so pounding away and they aren't trying to hide it.

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But aside from bigotry, the real thing demonstrated by GOP's insistence on putting the mosque question at the forefront of their campaign is that they do not have anything worthwhile to say on the economy. The economy is in the tank, and it's the number one issue this fall. Compared to jobs, nobody cares about the mosque.

But the GOP has so little credibility on the economy that they'd rather go bashing Muslim Americans. And the fact that they are more excited to talk about this — the ground zero mosque — than their economic plans tells you pretty much everything you need to know about their fundamental weakness heading into November. [SeeRepublican Senator outlines his economic vision: Do nothing and wait]

But it is a reader comment at Talking Points Memo that puts this into context. Been Here Before:

[T]he "Ground Zero Mosque" issue is just another replay of Republicans doing to Democrats [all of us, really] what Lucy does to Charlie Brown with the football:


I can't help but think that this whole mosque controversy is explicable in a lot simpler political terms than the explanations we have been seeing from pundits and commentators, i.e., that Republicans are promoting a clash of civilizations, shifting away from George W. Bush's position on Islam, etc.

Republicans ALWAYS run on symbolic issues. Their substantive positions are not popular. People don't like tax cuts for the rich, they don't like endless military commitments, they don't like corporatism, they don't like lax regulations, etc. So Republicans always pick some symbolic, unimportant issue and make it sound like it's the most important thing in the world. This is nothing more than the flag factory, the swift boats, and Reverend Wright all over again.

Yes, I know that the issue isn't totally "unimportant"– religious freedom and our relations with Muslim world have some importance– but think about it in this way: of all the problems we face right now, with the economy, banking regulation, health care, our commitments in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, the Iranian nuclear issue, the budget deficit, etc., how does building this mosque/cultural center or not building it solve any of them?

What ticks me off about this is they do this every election cycle. They never want to talk about substance, and they get their way– every election cycle we talk about whatever they want to talk about. Our political system fiddles while America burns, and it's because the Republican message machine dictates the conversation [to the mainstream media].

I appreciate what you are doing in terms of bearing witness to conservative anti-Muslim bigotry, but really, we need to drag the political conversation back to the important issues. The real problems our county faces are too important to once again have ourselves get dragged down into a six month long fight on some manufactured non-issue that Frank Luntz thinks polls well.

One response to “The GOP is Lucy and we are all Charlie Brown

  1. Only people with nothing else to do with themselves can get excited about this issue. President Obama’s remarks said it all for me.

    Some Moslems have done horrific things. There is a serious issue of pedophilia in the Catholic church. Many fundamentalist Christians have taken positions on issues that seriously infringe on the rights and freedoms of those who are not their adherents. So what do we do? Impose a litmus test on every religious group which wants to put up a building to serve their adherents? Not in America!!!!!!

    I took a class in college where the professor made the point: My world stops where your elbow begins. I like that.