The GOP Wants Biden to Drop Out, Which is Exactly Why He Shouldn’t

Oh, what a spectacle! President Joe Biden’s first debate performance has been turned into a carnival sideshow by every pundit and keyboard warrior out there. But let’s sift through the noise and get real. The Republican Party and its parade of brainwashed mouth-breathers are banking on their relentless jeers and full-blown mockery to force Joe Biden to call it quits. But here’s why he absolutely shouldn’t.

Sure, Biden had a rough night on stage. It wasn’t his finest hour, and the clips are running on a never-ending loop, haunting us like that one awkward family photo. But let’s not pretend every candidate hasn’t had their “oops” moments. The GOP is giddy, hoping to crush Democratic morale. Armed with their dubiously-funded disinformation campaigns and backed by right-wing media, the MAGA crew’s gloating is as fake as a three-dollar bill.

Blindly Following the Leader

The Human Foghorn (aka Trump) was recently recorded declaring that Biden is dropping out. Let’s be honest, this is their usual shtick: make a wild claim, project confidence in it, repeat it until it sticks, get every talking head to echo it, and hope it turns into some self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s nothing more than a classic divide-and-conquer play.

Take a good look at the MAGA GOP. They march in lockstep, following their Pied Piper of Lunacy to whatever cliff he points them toward. This blind loyalty is precisely what they hope to happen to the Democratic Party.

They want us to believe that our candidate’s age and/or a bad debate performance erases three and a half years of achievements or signals game over for our candidate, but we know better.

Historical Missteps

Let’s stroll down memory lane, shall we? For many of you, this will actually be a history lesson.

In 1968, the Democratic Party experienced LBJ’s exit and RFK’s assassination, leading to a hurried Humphrey nomination. The resulting disarray and infighting paved the way for Tricky Dick Nixon’s victory. But it didn’t end there.

During the 1972 Democratic primary, the party ousted George McGovern’s VP pick, Thomas Eagleton, over his mental health history. The chaos that followed and the last-minute swap to Sargent Shriver didn’t exactly pan out. McGovern got stomped in a landslide. Oh, the memories of that concession night—painful, really really painful.

These tales remind us that knee-jerk reactions and hasty changes spell disaster, especially as elections loom.

Besides History Repeating Itself…

At the time I published this post, there was roughly 120 days until the main event. Imagine if the DNC were to swap nominees now—here’s the recipe for disaster:

Confused Voters: The electorate would be scratching their heads, unsure about the new face, leading to a potential drop in turnout or support.

Fundraising Fiasco: Raising cash on such short notice? Good luck. Donors might hesitate to back a last-minute change. Hey, they already donated once; a new ask for funds would feel like bait-and-switch.

Campaign Chaos: The new campaign would face a logistical nightmare and struggle to find its footing quickly. Getting a new candidate on every ballot would be a massive challenge. Plus, fighting inevitable lawsuits state by state would drain campaign funds and entangle the campaign in endless legal battles.

Media Feeding Frenzy: The new candidate would face intense scrutiny, with the media picking apart every detail of their sudden rise. Heck, the current candidate is already facing intense scrutiny, so why would it be any different?

Internal Party Drama: A sudden switch would spark infighting, further weakening our efforts. For the Star Trek fans out there, it will feel like the political equivalent of a Kobayashi Maru (a no-win scenario).

GOP’s Golden Opportunity: The Republicans would leap at the chance to exploit our disarray, questioning our stability and judgement.

In short, changing horses midstream would create a whirlwind of challenges, all but impossible to conquer in the little time left.

Don’t Let the Sharks Win

Politics is a shark tank and we’ve seen how fast the predators circle at the scent of blood. Yanking Biden now would be like throwing chum into the water for the GOP.

This isn’t just about one debate, Biden’s stutter or even his age. This race is about Biden’s accomplishments, his administration, his policies, his campaign’s full arc, and his vision for our future. A debate stumble or age doesn’t define a candidate and it certainly doesn’t define a campaign.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

To the Democratic Party and like-minded voters: stand firm. Don’t let fear shake your confidence. If MAGA is trying this hard to convince us Biden’s a dud, it’s because they’re scared he’ll beat Trump. 

Don’t let the GOP’s manipulative games and relentless bullying sway you. Don’t let disingenuous pundits of the right-wing media push you into a panic. Don’t let spineless politicians of either party scare you off your chosen path. 

Biden is a candidate with a vision worth fighting for. The sharks will always circle, but it’s up to us to hold our ground and not abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.

The GOP can keep their lemming mentality; we’re here for the long haul. Democrats, unite, ignore the schoolyard bully, get fired up, and rally behind Biden!

Stay strong, stay united, and let’s charge forward together.

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9 thoughts on “The GOP Wants Biden to Drop Out, Which is Exactly Why He Shouldn’t”

  1. Yes, Brent, the concerns you raised have some merit, but let’s get real. History and successful Democratic campaigns tell us that polls and hiccups are not the be-all and end-all. Biden’s team can take a page out of the playbooks of past winners, reinforcing their strategy, hitting the key issues hard, and rallying the voters. The grand scheme? It’s all about celebrating major achievements of the Biden admin, staying united, and showing some serious grit when the going gets tough.

  2. Before the debate 62% of voters had doubts about Biden’s mental competency. After debate one poll was as high as 80%. And his approval number was down to 36%.

    In 2020 Biden had a significant lead before the election in swing states, but he won several states by less than 1%, even though he won popular vote by 7 million.

    Now he’s gone from down 3% to down 6% among likely voters and worse among registered voters, plus the enthusiasm gap is huge. And now the stakes are larger with Supreme Coutt decisions on immunity and abortion.

    Biden’s campaign did its best to keep competition down in primaries, so there was no rigorous debate going into November. He also had 3rd party candidate who will siphon off votes.
    You call it chaos, but something needs to change to excite voters, particularly young ones for Dems to win and not lose Senate and House.
    Biden brought this on himself by not doing press conferences. if he had he may have been better in debate.
    I think the people around him are not being honest with him to keep his spirits up. I hope Sen Warner and others are successful in getting Joe out quickly, otherwise we’re in for a long election night and Biden will drag the party to big losses.
    Brent Fine

    • How about exciting voters by telling them their rights will be taken away and a fascist state via Project 2025 will emerge if Trump is allowed back in the White House? Is that something that should excite them enough?

      • That’s right David and no other Democrat can do it better than Biden, the first black female vice president to serve under a black president.

        • Gee Senator, you believe Biden is a black female vice president and/or a black president? First off your racist slip is showing. Second, after that statement you appear to be the one with cognitive issues so perhaps you should step down.

          • John “I’m a Hypocrite Who Lives Off The Taxpayer” Kavanagh keeps posting the same basic comment over and over.

            Original thoughts are not really his thing. Next he’ll post his pronouns as something topical. Haha!

            Getting Biden and Harris confused this time is just more evidence of his sundowning, just like his cult leader.

            He should be cleaning up his own house, Covfefe’s will be done, Hamberder Art in Heaven –

            He adds nothing to the discussion but trolling helps him cope with his party’s loss in 2020.

            He’s still butthurt because Biden won in 2020, and he still can’t believe folks like Obama and Harris are more accomplished and successful than he is.

            Smarter than he is.

            You know that really hurts. 🙂


            Donating to any of these fine organizations means you care about others.

            Donating in honor of John “Taking Government Checks Means I’m a Huge Hypocrite” Kavanagh means you care about others and have an excellent sense of humor.

          • Oh, there it is. Turns out JGCK forgot to mention the source of his comment, which made him look weird, instead of just lacking common sense.

            Biden flubbed some words in a radio interview.

            I really want another candidate, but I’ll vote for an old brown shoe over Trump, and JGCK never gives us any reason to vote for his guy.

            Because he can’t, he can’t say out loud why he’s all in for a convicted rapist/felon.

            He’s too scared. He is the coward we’ve been saying he is.

            Grab ’em by the Kavanagh, as it were.

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