The GOP wants to have it both ways on national security leaks to the media


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Waybackmachine3Let's set Mr. Peabody's WABAC time machine to a little less than a year ago, to June of 2012 when this was the GOP position on national security leaks to the media. Republicans demand (again) special investigator to investigate leaks – CNN:

A group of Republican senators continued to fire away Tuesday at the
Obama administration for its failure to appoint a special counsel to
investigate leaks of classified information.

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, once again led the charge at a Capitol
Hill news conference, criticizing Attorney General Eric Holder for his
decision to appoint two Justice Department prosecutors to investigate
the recent leaks to the media.

"To think that two people appointed prosecutors from Mr. Holder's
office, overseen by Mr. Holder, is also offensive," McCain said. "We
need a special counsel. We need someone who the American people can
trust and we need to stop the leaks that are endangering the lives of
those men and women who are serving our country.

Holder responded to the accusations at a June 12 congressional
hearing. He said the Justice Department and the FBI are keeping a
careful eye on any potential conflict of interest, but said of the
prosecutors, "We have people who have shown independence, an ability to
be thorough, and who have the guts to ask tough questions. And the
charge that I've given them is to follow the leads wherever they are …
wherever it is in the executive branch or some other component of

* * *

The Republican senators derided President Barack Obama for his recent
comment that he found offensive any notion that members of his
administration intentionally released classified information.

"Any other administration, in my memory, Democrat or Republican,
would have been absolutely apoplectic looking for the culprits, trying
to find out who were the people that actually committed these criminal
leaks," Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi, complained. "Instead the
president is offended that someone would suggest such a thing. And
frankly, members of the administration are sort of smugly happy that
information come forward that appears to make the president seem tough."

* * *

The senators suggested Congress might have to take matters into its
own hands if the Obama administration does not change course.

"My hope is that Congress will take up the responsibility to do what
(it) is constitutionally authorized and obligated to do, and that is to
investigate this matter ourselves," said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

The two Justice Department prosecutors appointed to investigate
the leaks to the media actually did the investigation that these Republican senators, including Sen. John McCain, demanded that day. Under sweeping subpoenas, Justice Department obtained AP phone records in leak investigation.

Now the GOP has suddenly rediscovered the First Amendment and freedom of the press, something the GOP has never had much use for in the past, because it is convenient to the conservative media entertainment complex narrative of "scandals" consuming President Obama's second term. This is all about the narrative, they have no genuine concern for the media or freedom of the press.

And the investigation has now ensnared one of their own, James Rosen, FAUX News chief Washington correspondent. Justice sought Fox News reporter’s e-mails after N. Korea story in 2009. The "news" (sic) network that heavily promoted this intentional leaks narrative and GOP demands for a special counsel to investigate and prosecute national security leaks last year, is now singing quite a different tune today. Fox calls DOJ investigation of reporter “downright chilling”.

The GOP wants to have it both ways on national security leaks to the media. It is rank hypocrisy.

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