So how did it go for the Seven Dwarves selected for the GOP’s “kiddie table” debate by FAUX News Roger Ailes (the “undercard” in boxing parlance) last night? It was a total bust.

Here is a photo by Sean Spicer, chief strategist and communications director for the Republican National Committee, showing RNC Chairman Reince Priebus looking out over an empty cavernous arena. I am pretty certain those are unlucky reporters forced to cover this event seated in those chairs.


Screenshot from 2015-08-07 12:40:10

The “kiddie table” debate barely got any press coverage in comparison to The Hunger Games main event.

The New York Times reports that the Seven Dwarves bumped from Thursday’s main event put on their brave faces and debated with little energy, to an empty arena. Before Main Republican Debate, Bottom 7 Contenders Put On Brave Faces.

The Washington Post reports that Carly Fiorina helped herself the most, but that was a low bar for the Seven Dwarves. Lower-tier candidates look for a breakout moment in undercard debate. Some poor shlub at the Post actually had to prepare a Transcript of the GOP undercard debate.

The GOP could easily whittle down its enormous field by eliminating the Seven Dwarves after the first debate. The only participant in the “kiddie table” debate who will get a pass for future debates is Carly Fiorina, because she is only in this race to serve one purpose: the GOP needs a woman to be the attack dog to go after Hillary Clinton. The GOP believes it’s OK for a woman to say mean nasty things about another woman, and Fiorina provides necessary cover for the male candidates. They can always claim “Carly Fiorina said it…” (as if that makes it OK).

The GOP doesn’t want its male candidates saying mean nasty things about women. Well, at least not when they are talking about FAUX News fem-bot Megyn Kelly. Donald Trump jokes about calling women ‘fat pigs, dogs’; Donald Trump late-night angry-tweets Megyn Kelly, and it is epic; Trump aide accuses Fox News of orchestrating a ‘setup’.

By the way, this is a brilliant move by “The Donald” — no one is talking about the debate now. The feckless media villagers who live for Twitter are all talking about the Twitter dust-up between “The Donald” and FAUX News fem-bot Megyn Kelly. “The Donald” has always been a classic Twitter troll, he can’t lose.  “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.” Donald Trump knows how to keep himself the center of media attention.