The infamous “Daisy ad” returns for Jon Kyl

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

More than 40 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson used images of a little girl, a daisy and a mushroom cloud to urge people to vote for him, saying the “stakes are too high.” Now, a group backing the ratification of a new arms treaty with Russia has created a version of Mr. Johnson’s famous “Daisy” ad, using the same images to warn against delay. New "Daisy" Ad Warns Against Delay in Arms Treaty –

The new ad begins as the old one did: with a little girl picking petals off a flower and counting to 10. When she gets there, a menacing voice begins to count down to zero.

“In a world where terrorists seek to destroy everything we hold dear, Russia’s nuclear weapons cannot be left unmonitored,” an announcer says in a grim voice. As he speaks, a mushroom cloud erupts, reflected in one of the little girl’s eyes in grainy, black-and-white video, much as it did in the original ad.

The commercial, which is scheduled to run on cable television in states whose senators will be key to passage of the new treaty, is the work of the American Values Network. A countdown clock on its Web site indicates that it has been 349 days since the U.S. last inspected Russia’s nuclear weapons.

One response to “The infamous “Daisy ad” returns for Jon Kyl

  1. Perfect. Will they listen? Call Kyl and McCain’s offices…pronto! McCain:202-224-2235 and Kyl, 202-224-4521 Better yet, put these numbers on speed dial…they’re going to get a workout in the next couple of years!