There is a truly absurd fact at the center of the election denialism of Lake, Hamadeh, Finchem, and others: if Cochise County had failed to certify their election results, the consequence would be the election of more Democrats.

Deniers are accusing Governor-Elect Hobbs of threats and intimidation against the Cochise Board for saying that she would seek the enforcement of the law (ARS 16-642, et seq.), despite the fact that Hobbs is fighting to ensure that mostly Republican votes are counted in Cochise County, which would result in the election of Democrats Kirsten Engel and Kathy Hoffman were those votes not counted.


How insane are these people that they are fighting to disfranchise their own voters and un-elect their own candidates simply to make a symbolic gesture protesting the certification of Maricopa votes? There wasn’t ANY factual basis for the illegal delay in certification of Cochise County’s votes (Cochise Supervisors English and Judd voted to certify today under mandamus order to convene and hold a certification vote – Crosby failed to attend for an unspecified reason) – the GOP Supervisors were just expressing concern over issues that happened in Maricopa!

This sums up pretty well the utter stupidity of the delusional deniers I seek to highlight:

Here’s what Lake’s mouthpiece is saying about Hobbs and Cochise County:

Here’s a good example of the AZ political press reaction:

There truly seems to be no bottom to the depth of MAGA delusion and stupidity in the face of clear electoral defeat. I encourage everyone to keep this context in mind as the accusations of thuggish, authoritarian, and tyrannical behavior are unjustly thrown at Governor-Elect Hobbs, who is merely following her oath and statutory legal obligations by protecting the votes of Republicans. Yet this is how she is treated. Even after 4 years of Trump and 2 of MAGA agitation and delusion, I am stunned by their truly Orwellian double-speak and the Kafkaesque absurdity of these clowns’ version of reality.