The ‘Job Party’ Movement

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Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich has suggested to call it the "People's Party" movement. Now MoveOn and (not affiliated with the Democratic National Committee) are calling it the "Job Party" movement.

This weekend in Madison, Wisconsin tens of thousands will rally to protest the coup d'etat by Tea-Publicans to disenfranchise Democratic elected representatives and their constituents, and to end collective bargaining for public employee unions by authoritarian fiat. Democracy and America's middle class are under assault.

In Michigan, Tea-Publicans passed an "Emergency Manager" law to let Gov. Rick Snyder appoint virtual dictators to rule struggling towns by breaking unions, dismissing duly elected town officials, and selling off local utilities. Those "emergency managers" can be a corporation.

These two actions are being called the "Ash Wednesday Massacre" – not of people, but of democracy. And so we absolutely must respond.

On Tuesday, is joining with Moveon to rally across the nation. Will you join us after work?

Sign up to join your local rally here. MoveOn "Defend The American Dream" web site.

Defend The Dream Event
Where: NW Corner Campbell Avenue & Speedway Blvd. (Near UMC) in Tucson
When: Tuesday, March 15, at 4:30 P.M.

Job_party_logo_200x200 Our Job Party movement is just beginning. On Wednesday March 16, we'll join Progressive Democrats of America in lunch-hour "Brown Bag Vigils" at local Congressional offices to demand Jobs not Cuts, Healthcare not Warfare, and Corporations Out of Politics.

On Monday April 4, we'll join the AFL-CIO in "We Are One" rallies to mark the date in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated while helping Memphis sanitation workers form a union.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, April 5 dozens of college campuses—perhaps hundreds—will hold teach-ins on “Debt, Austerity and How People Are Fighting Back,” with a national teach-in led by Frances Fox Piven and Cornel West live-streamed from Judson Memorial Church in New York City (go here for an organizing guide).

And on Monday April 18, we'll mark "Tax Day" with Moveon by demanding an end to tax dodging by corporations and billionaires.

And we're not just on defense – we're organizing recall elections and building support for a 21st Century WPA.

So let's hit the streets, make new friends, broaden our coalition, and increase our demands for change – because our economic and political survival is at stake.

Thanks for all you do!

From the Team

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