The Kool-Aid Kidz go Krazy!

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Grover Norquist's Kool-Aid drinking anti-tax zealots in the Arizona Legislature were none too happy about Governor Jan Brewer's proposal to raise taxes by $1 billion (she left the tax or taxes to be increased to the discretion of the legislature).

The Kool-Aid Kidz went Krazy!

Sen Ron. Gould (R-Havasu City) got his panties in a twist and walked out on the Governor in mid-speech at the mere mention of tax increases. Brewer tax-hike plan gets tepid response "I was disgusted that the governor went to a tax increase this early in the legislative session… we don't need a tax increase."

Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) (aka "Cut Man") said "I cannot support a tax increase.. I'm not willing to put that on the table." Brewer lists steps to keep state afloat I'm shocked!

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray (R-Mesa) recalled President George H. W. Bush and said "Read my lips, no new taxes." You do know he later signed a tax increase, right?

House Speaker Kirk Adams (R-Mesa) (is there some kind of psychotropic drug in Mesa's water supply?) said he wants to exhaust all other options, "this is not the best time to raise taxes at this magnitude."

House Majority Leader John McComish (R-Phoenix) said "it's an economic downer." Brewer tax-hike plan gets tepid response Bummer, Dude.

Senate President Bob Burns (R-Peoria) said "She proposes, we dispose. That's how it works." A real team player there, Bobbo. Burns further stated "I'm not in favor of a tax increase, and I'm not prepared to vote for one." Reactions to the speech

Rep. John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills) said he would rather borrow against the lottery revenue as a temporary funding bridge than raise taxes. This was a feature of Governor Napolitano's budget plan that Republicans rejected. Kavanagh will now have to undergo reprogramming by the GOP Taliban.

And former Republican Governor Fife Symington (whose former staff members now populate Jan Brewer's staff) and Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ) sent a letter addressed to every member of the legislature, in an homage to Reagonomics stated that "Saddling the anemic economy with higher taxes will exacerbate job losses, slow productivity and cast a psychological pall over an increasing number of anxious Arizona workers and employers." Reactions to the speech You do know that even Reagan raised taxes – twice! – after nearly destroying the U.S. economy with his trickle-down tax cuts, right?

Some Republicans got into the act even before the Governor's speech. The Yellow Sheet (Arizona Capitol Times – subscription required) reported the "GOP Recovery Plan" was introduced by Senate Majority Whip Pamela Gorman on Monday. The "plan" consists of four planks:

• Reduce regulatory burden

• Assure a stable tax structure

• Prevent arbitrary fees to employers

• Remove government from direct competition with private employers

Gorman was able to provide few details and few concrete examples. I'm not surprised. Gorman said the Senate GOP would oppose any tax increase. "We are looking at keeping revenues from increasing and specifically from keeping them from increasing in a huge way that would actually drive business out of the state." Drowning the baby in the bathtub, are we? Grover would be so proud of you.

As for privatizing some state business, Gorman mentioned public-private partnerships, not necessarily dealing only with toll roads but also with a variety of infrastructure projects. Senate Bill 1466 would create a commission to study what areas of government could be turned over to private enterprise. Gorman insisted that this does not include public education. Yeah, right.

As Jim Nintzel at the Tucson Weekly wryly noted Less Than Stimulating, the "plan is a list of soundbites that could have been cooked up by Joe the Plumber." Nintzel reports that the GOP Recovery Plan was not cleared by the entire GOP Caucus before its announcement. Somebody was hot dogging!

2 responses to “The Kool-Aid Kidz go Krazy!

  1. This split between the Governor (and the not completely wacko GOP members of the legislature) and some Pearce, Gorman, et al. will only widen in the coming weeks. This was easy to predict as Brewer wants a shot at winning in 2010.

  2. You know what casts “a psychological pall over an increasing number of anxious Arizona workers and employers”?
    Being represented by this clown car of ignoramuses and out of state interests.