The Lege should repeal the consolidated elections law


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

It's not often that I can agree with Joanna Allhands of the Arizona Republic, but on this subject we can agree: Take back the (elections) power:

So, Phoenix and Tucson won’t have to move municipal elections to even years, and that’s great news. The law was a huge overreach of state government into local elections.

But what about other cities and towns that have switched around their
election calendars and extended current elected leaders’ terms to
comply with the mandate?

The injunction doesn’t cover them.

If the Attorney General’s Office isn’t planning on taking this battle
any further — and it shouldn’t — lawmakers should rescind the law this
next session and return local election timing to cities, where it
belongs. That would be the easiest solution

Or, if they’re going to dig in their heels, any community that
doesn’t have a similarly worded provision to Phoenix’s or Tucson’s in
its charter (or that doesn’t have a charter — cough, hack — Gilbert)
should adopt one ASAP.

Either way, if cities are smart, they’ll view this injunction as an
open door to get busybody state lawmakers out of their business.

I agree. Our "big brother" state legislature should cease its overreaching desire to micromanage the elections of local governments and repeal HB 2826 (2012) and related "fixes" to the bill in SB 1454 (2013), which is also presently being challenged in court.