The Lincoln Project, American Bridge, and Biden/Harris Campaigns have released scathing ads condemning Donald Trump’s reported and mostly confirmed remarks mocking the nation’s veterans and belittling them for serving (and sometimes sacrificing themselves) their country.

The first two ads are from the Lincoln Project. Titled “POW” and “UnAmerican,” the narrator rightly berates the President of Betrayal for not recognizing the sacrifice and suffering the people (including the late John McCain) in the nation’s armed forces endure, including torture, injury, and death.

The narrator in the second ad calls the Liar in Chief “UnAmerican” for mocking the veteran’s service and sacrifice for the nation.

The second two ads, from American Bridge, called “Safety, Security, Biden” and “Michigan: Jack,” call veterans “the bravest willing to offer America that last true measure of devotion.”

The narrator in the “Safety Ad”  then chastises Mr. Trump for his Unpresidential behavior in:

  • “Stoking fear
  • Embracing violence.
  • Ordering the military to confront American Citizens (for his photo op with an upside-down Bible.)”

The narrator then pivots and states that “more members of the United States Military that they will give their votes to Joe Biden for President.”

The first ad then concludes that Biden will restore American morale with his fight to restore “unity, hope, safety, and security.”

The second ad “Michigan: Jack” is tailored to Macomb County, a pivotal swing hot spot in Michigan.

Retired veteran and 2016 Trump supporter Jack told viewers that he will vote for Joe Biden in 2020 because Trump does not accept responsibility for the violence on the streets. Jack said he feels:

“Biden is an honest person…he will put the needs of the nation first. He will make decisions based on the best interests of the country not for himself. You want a Commander in Chief you can trust and I think you can trust Joe Biden.”

Veterans appeared throughout the below ad from the Biden/Harris Campaign.

Six of them read portions of Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic article where sources cited Mr. Trump’s disparaging remarks to veterans.

The veterans did not take kindly to the reported comments from the current Commander in Chief  saying soldiers were “suckers” and “losers” calling the fallen “heroes” and the people “that saved the Free World.”

One veteran was exasperated by Mr. Trump’s continued vendetta against John McCain.

Another said:

“Donald Trump’s disrespect for the men and women who serve this country. It’s a threat to National Security.”

When they repeated a comment Trump made about his first Joint Chiefs Chairman “Why he would join the military,”  the veterans replied:

“He would join the military because he cares about his country because he loves his country.”

“It is an incredible honor and that’s just something President Trump will never understand.”

“What these quotes did for me was set a new fire under me to do my part as a woman veteran to make sure that Joe Biden is the next Commander in Chief. I believe with all my heart that he’s going to protect the military.”


One wonders where Trump obtained this UnAmerican view of the American Military.

Maybe hs is a fan of this scene from the end of the Godfather Part Two where Sonny Corleone calls people volunteering to serve in the immediate aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack “saps” for “risking their lives for strangers.”

Sounds like a current Commander on Chief that has betrayed the members of the Armed Services that have sworn to protect him and this country.


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