The Mad King just Tear Gassed Innocent Protestors so he could have a Photo Op at a Church

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This afternoon, Donald Trump, the aspiring American Duce, made a brief statement in the White House Rose Garden, threatening to invoke a 210-year-old law to turn the military loose on the American People, if State Governors did not fully activate their national guard units to stop protests that have proceeded every day since the tragic death of Georg Floyd on May 25, 2020.

This occurred after an earlier phone conversation with the Nation’s Governors where the Mad King railed against their efforts to stop the protestors.

After making his Rose Garden statement, the President, perhaps actually remembering what his idols Douglas MacArthur and George Patton (Eisenhower was there too,) did to Bonus Army protestors (they were called communists and anarchists too like today’s protestors) marching on Depression Era Washington for their pay in 1932 (please see video below,) ordered his forces to tear gas and shoot rubber bullets at innocent protestors so they would leave the area by St. John’s Episcopal Church so he could walk there with his all-white team and have a photo op, holding up a Bible to appeal to his fringe white evangelical base.

Watching CNN, Jeffrey Tobin, the networks legal analyst, said the President can not order federal troops to mass against Americans in the 50 states unless the state governors ask him too.

Governors J.B. Pritzer of Illinois and New York’s Andrew Cuomo have appeared on the Erin Burnett CNN show this hour, condemning the Presidents actions on innocent Americans, confirmed his unhinged behavior in the earlier phone call with the other Governors, and said they will not be asking him to send federal troops to their states.

All Americans should worry about the events that have taken place on the afternoon of June 1, 2020.

An American President ordered his military/police forces to tear gas innocent people so he could hold up a Bible at a Church with his all-white political team.

If Mike Pence and the rest of the Administration do not see fit to invoke the 25th Amendment for Mr. Trump’s clear unfitness to lead the country, then the voters need to turn out on November 3, 2020, and end the Mad Kings Reign of Division and Gross Incompetence.

Voters can not stand by and let it fully happen here.

Herbert Hoover, the President of the United States who turned MacArthur loose on the Bonus Army in 1932, was condemned for his actions and lost reelection to Franklin Delano Roosevelt that year. Roosevelt who criticized Hoover for not meeting the Bonus Marchers, reportedly said: “Well, this will elect me.”

People should hope and pray that history repeats itself again in 2020.

Please remember:

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  1. The Washington Post updates today:

    The White House released a campaign-style video early Tuesday showing President Trump strolling from the White House through Lafayette Square to historic St. John’s Church, where he held a Bible.

    Set to triumphant music, the 30-second video includes no images of the protesters who were cleared out shortly beforehand by federal authorities using rubber bullets, flash bangs and smoke canisters. Nor does it include any images of the anti-Trump graffiti he passed by on the way.

    The only clear sign of unrest is Trump pumping his fist on the way back to the White House as he passes by a line of police in riot gear.

    The release of the video generated criticism on social media Tuesday by those who said it confirmed that peaceful protesters had been forcefully displaced for a government-financed photo op.

  2. The last time the Insurrection Act “was invoked in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots, the move was requested by then-California Gov. Pete Wilson, not invoked solely by President George H.W. Bush. Trump’s attorney general, Bill Barr, was Bush’s attorney general the last time the act was invoked and he led the Justice Department’s response to the King beating.” We know who put this damn fool idea in his head.

    “Trump says he will deploy military if state officials can’t contain protest violence”,

    This reporting also points out that:

    The Right Rev. Mariann Budde, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington who oversees St. John’s Episcopal Church, told the Washington Post she found out about the visit when it was shown on television, and was “outraged” by what she saw.

    She said she “was not given even a courtesy call that they would be clearing [the square] with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop, holding a Bible, one that declares that God is love and when everything he has said and done is to enflame violence.”

    Trump held up a Bible outside the church and posed for pictures, then returned to the White House. He did not go in the church or express any religious sentiments there.

  3. Republican Hoover and the right wing MacArthur sent the Army against the peaceful Bonus Marchers camp. Eisenhower was MacArthur’s aide and was actually against the raid. When Democrat Roosevelt was elected, for Bonus March 2, Eleanor came down and ate lunch with veterans. I was in the cabinet then. LOL.

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