The many lies of FreedomWorks

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Karoli at takes aim at the "Kochtopus" and Tea Party front group FreedomWorks, and its congressional August recess campaign to defund and/or kill "ObamaCare" by taking the country hostage and forcing a government shutdown and defaut on the national debt ceiling at the end of September. Per usual from this right-wing organization, everything it says is a lie. FreedomWorks' Eight Outright Lies About Obamacare:

This was in my afternoon email today, along with this text:

You can just say NO to ObamaCare.

Just say NO to bureaucrats making your health care decisions. Say NO
to unconstitutional mandates. Say NO to socialized medicine.

Just say NO by burning your ObamaCare card here!

The truth is, ObamaCare needs millions of people like you to sign up.
If you don't, it collapses. The law needs your money to work. If you
refuse to sign up, you are “burning your ObamaCare card.” You are doing
your part to make sure ObamaCare crumbles. Forever.

If you do sign up for ObamaCare, the Progressives win. The program
gets the money it needs. The lobbyists and bureaucrats get the power
they want.

You lose your freedom. You may lose your doctor. And you certainly lose your money.

Just say NO. Burn your ObamaCare card right now.

Time is running out to stop the health care takeover.

How many lies are there in this short bit of text? Well, at least eight that I see right off the top.

  1. Bureaucrats make health decisions now. Insurance bureaucrats, not to mention the likes of the AMA "secret panel" that price fixes fees for services.
  2. The mandate is not unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has said it's not unconstitutional.
  3. Health insurance is not socialized medicine.
  4. Refusing to sign up will not 'collapse Obamacare.' It will, however, increase local and state health care spending.
  5. Enrolling for health insurance is not a win for progressives and a
    loss for conservatives. It is, simply put, a prudent decision to take
    personal responsibility for one's health care costs by entering into an
    insurance pool where everyone can participate.
  6. Refusing to enroll does not impact funding for the ACA.
  7. Loss of freedom is losing everything and becoming a slave to medical
    bills. Or worse, losing your life. Enrolling in a health insurance plan
    is not a loss of freedom. In fact, it means one might be free to start a
    small business or become self-employed, offering more freedom.
  8. Enrolling in a health insurance plan does not offer lobbyists and
    bureaucrats more power. It empowers you to stand equally with those
    people who currently have access to affordable health care.
  9. There is no Obamacare card.

Any lies I missed?

It's no surprise that FreedomWorks is lying to members of their
mailing list about this. After all, lies are all they've got. But so
many packed in so few lines of text? That may be a new record.

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