The new ‘compromise caucus’ push-back against Tea-Publican hostage taking


Posted  by AzBlueMeanie:

The latest Tea-Publican economic terrorist threat is the “kill Obamacare or else”
demand: the GOP will refuse to continue to fund the government and
force a governnment shutdown in a last-ditch attempt to coerce Democrats
into surrender to their 39 votes (and counting) to kill "ObamaCare." The House will take its 40th repeal vote next week.

Arizona's Senator John McCain is trying to halt the Tea-Publican insurrection's descent into madness. McCain to Republicans: Forget about any more crazy debt ceiling hostage taking. Sen. McCain is among a bloc of Republican senators comprising a new Compromise Caucus at odds with the Tea-Publican economic terrorists who want to destroy the government.

Today, Sen. McCain and the Compromise Caucus was joined by Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC): "I think it's the dumbest idea I've ever heard of," he told reporters.
"Listen, as long as Barack Obama is president, the Affordable Care Act
is going to be law." Gov’t Shutdown Threats Over Obamacare ‘The Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Heard’.

And in the House. Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), a deputy majority whip, who has taken to the airwaves
over the last 24 hours to pour cold water on GOP attempts to demand that
the party withhold support for keeping the federal government open
after Sept. 30 unless Obamacare is gutted. Senior GOPer: Try To Ditch Obamacare? Dream On, Guys:

Cole has dismissed the conservative effort as a “temper tantrum” and likened it to “blackmail.”

“Seems to me there’s appropriate ways to deal with the law, but
shutting down the government to get your way over an unrelated piece of
legislation is political equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum,” he
said Wednesday on Fox News.
“It’s just not helpful. And it is the sort of thing that creates a
backlash and could cost the Republicans the majority in the House, which
is after all the last line of defense against the president. And it
could materially undercut the ability of the Republicans in the Senate
to have the majority in 2014 which they have a decent chance to do.”

Cole made the same point to National Review in an article published Thursday.

“I don’t think you ought to try to blackmail the administration on a
fight that they won politically in the House, the Senate, and the
Supreme Court by threatening to shut down the government,” he said.

The old guard of the GOP is beginning to fight back against the Tea Party radical extremists.

UPDATE: It will be interesting to see whether the GOP old guard can stop the Tea-Publican economic terrorists from inflicting wholesale destruction on America with their disproved and discredited austerity economics. House G.O.P. Plans New Obstruction of Obama Goals.