The NRCC’s ‘pants on fire’ false ad


The NRCC has been running an ad in the CD 2 market claiming that Congressman Ron Barber “has not sponsored any bill” on border security. Television stations can refuse to run campaign ads that are false. This ad is “pants on fire” false.

The Ron Barber for Congress Campaign put out a fact sheet (below the fold) listing the bills that Barber has sponsored or cosponsored in Congress debunking this false ad. So why have television stations not pulled this false ad from the air?

By the way, NRCC, there is a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the U.S. Senate with overwhelming support well over a year ago that has been sitting on Weeper of the House John Boehner’s desk ever since, because nativist and racist Tea-Publicans in the House threatened to revolt against the TanMan if he brought the bill up for a vote.

McSally-KingYour puppet Martha McSally says she is opposed to the comprehensive immigration reform bill, and she supported the Tea Party no compromise bill by nativist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) this summer. McSally is a “Deportation Republican.” Put that in your ad for some truth in advertising.

By the way, when the narrator says the border is not secure as you show McSally walking along the border security fence, that image undercuts your scare mongering message.

Ron Barber for Congress Responds to NRCC’s Intentionally Misleading Claims

Tucson, AZ – Today Ron Barber for Congress released the facts on Ron Barber’s record in response to intentionally misleading claims featured in the NRCC’s newest false advertisement. The fact is Ron Barber‘s record on border security is strong and he introduced several border security bills with his Republican and Democrat colleagues in Congress.

“Ron Barber has led the charge to bring back more resources to the border and create smarter strategies for taking down the cartels and securing the border. That’s why he is endorsed by the Border Patrol Council here in Arizona,” said Ashley Nash-Hahn, spokeswoman for Ron Barber for Congress. “The very first vote Ron took in Congress was in support of border security, and he has worked with Republicans and Democrats to introduce several bills that would improve border security. Ron Barber puts Southern Arizona first – his actions speak louder than the false attacks manufactured by McSally and her Washington operatives.”

The facts:

  • Ron introduced the HUMANE Act with his Republican and Democrat colleagues out of Texas to present a real solution to the unaccompanied minors crisis at the border. This bill would improve border security and expedite the screening processing of these minors. [HR 5114, cosponsored 7/15/15Fox & Friends7/16/14]
  • Ron cosponsored the Border Security Results Act with his Republican colleagues to create a strategy for gaining operational control of the international border. The Border Security Results Act created an independent evaluation of our national strategy to secure the border and included an amendment Ron introduced to ensure Southern Arizonans who live and work on the border are consulted in the development of that strategy. [Nogales International5/31/13, GAO Report 13-25, SummaryFull Report,12/14]
  • Ron Barber introduced a bill with Republican Jeff Duncan, chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management, to reduce waste, fraud and abuse at DHS. This bill was passed by the House and would increase accountability at DHS, particularly in regards to contracting and expenditures of funds. This is essential to make sure that DHS spends taxpayer money appropriately and that it is not wasted on inefficiencies or mistakes. [The Federal Times6/10/14]
  • Ron introduced an amendment to create specific metrics for measuring border security that passed the House this summer. It was included in the United States Customs and Border Protection Authorization Act. [HR 3846, 7/28/14, H Rept. 113-555, 7/24/14]
  • Ron introduced the United States-Mexico Cross-Border Security Act with his Republican colleagues. This bill will combat transnational criminal organizations. [HR 6280, cosponsored 8/02/12]
  • Ron introduced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system. [HR 15, cosponsored 10/02/13]
  • Ron introduced the Border Patrol Pay Reform Act of 2013 with his Republican and Democrat colleagues. This legislation will ensure agent pay reflects the realities and demands of the job. [HR 3463, cosponsored 11/13/13]
  • Ron Barber also voted for a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that included $10.6 billion for CBP in FY14 and worked with the Arizona delegation to secure 170 additional customs agent in Arizona to improve the flow of goods between the U.S. and Mexico. It funded the highest operational force levels in history – 21,370 Border Patrol agents and 23,775 CBP officers – including an increase of 2,000 additional CBP officers slated for the nation’s busiest ports of entry. 170 of those agents were directed to Arizona. [Associated Press4/3/14, H.R. 3547, Roll Call Vote #612, 12/2/13, Roll Call Vote #21, 1/15/14]
  • Ron Barber stood up to DHS and DoD when they tried to get rid of a critical radar system, known as TARS, that detects ultralight aircraft and other aircraft used by drug smugglers. [The Sierra Vista Herald3/5/13Explorer News6/14/13Cronkite News, 10/17/13]
  • Ron Barber was endorsed by the U.S. Border Patrol Council Local 2544 consistently since 2012. [National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 endorsement letter, 8/21/14, 10/29/12] NBPC is the largest law enforcement association in the state of Arizona and represents the Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol.
  • Ron Barber has prioritized border security since his first day in Congress, beginning with his first vote. As The Arizona Republic reported, “In 1st Congress vote, Barber supports border-security bill…He was the only Democrat in the Arizona delegation to vote in favor of a border-security bill.” [H.R. 2578, Roll Call Vote#387, 6/19/12The Arizona Republic6/23/12
  • Ron Barber supports the bipartisan approach Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake helped to pass in the Senate. That measure would secure our border, create a guest worker program and finally develop a mechanism for people who came to this country to get right with the law. [KUAT7/5/13]



  1. Certainly they can refuse to run the ads, but there is no requirement for them NOT to run the ads and if you think they are going to turn away advertising money on principal, you are insane. They are a business and businesses like adding to the bottom line. YOU are the one who can afford to stand on principal.

    Why don’t the Democrat run ads telling everyone those ads are lies? Or accept the fact that during campaign seasons, both Parties push the envelope on truth; sometimes to the point of tearing up the envelope.

    For the record, I am disappointed they felt they had to lie in the ads. I haven’t seen the ads and don’t know they said. I accept your word for it, of course, but it would have been nice to hear it myself.

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