The Original Maverick?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:


John McCain has begun airing an ad called "the original maverick." 

Talk about being presumptuous and arrogant! The "original" Maverick was James Garner (right) as Bret Maverick in the classic western-comedy TV series Maverick (1957-1961).  The other Maverick brothers on the TV series were Jack Kelly (Bart Maverick), Roger Moore (Beauregard Maverick), and Robert Colbert (Brent Maverick), below.


As I have said many times here, and will continue to do so, the mythical "straight talking independent maverick" McCain was fabricated out of whole cloth by the McMedia. It is a lie.  He never really existed.  It is a fraud perpetrated upon the American people.

The Obama campaign has been quick to respond with its own ad speaking truth to the lie of McCain’s "the original maverick."