The Phoenix City Council Approves Several Sustainability Policies For Today and Tomorrow

This week (January 26, 2022,) Mayor Kate Gallego and the Phoenix City Council continued their efforts to modernize the city’s sustainability policy and cultivate the next generation of climate leaders.

In a series of votes, the Council approved measures to expanding their:

  • Green Transit Program and convert local buses to run on clean energy sources.
  • Urban Agricultural Fellowship Program.
  • School Sustainability Officer (Student Council) Program.

Both the Urban Agricultural Fellowship (in coordination with local farms) and School Sustainability Officer Programs (where students will promote green events and policies on school campuses) are vital investments (partially funded by EPA grants, American Rescue Plan appropriations, and local contributors) to educate and train the leaders of tomorrow so they can enact and promote policies that move Phoenix forward and keep it clean and cooler.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego

On these positive developments regarding the students and agricultural fellowships, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego commented:

“These programs are smart investments in today’s students who are interested in climate, science and green jobs of the future. Our young residents in the programs will have a head start on promising career paths, access to robust workforce resources, and will help inspire their peers.”

Ms. Gallego also posted on social media:

On the conversion of buses to clean energy means, Mayor Gallego had earlier commented:

“Phoenix and the greater region is a leader in innovation and research for mobility and vehicle solutions that will help curb climate change. I’m very interested in alternative fuels for buses and the many technologies which can advance our city fleet. This is among the many exciting projects we anticipate as President Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act rolls out and fuels growth of new green jobs for the local economy.”

Phoenix Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari

Phoenix District Seven Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari, who has worked with Mayor Gallego on sustainability and environmental policy since joining the Council, commented:

Green Transit Pilot Program

“All eyes are on Phoenix, and I truly believe that this vote today and this investment will set us on a path to transition to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet in this decade.”

Urban Agriculture:

 “We need to think about how our city feeds itself, local resilience, and the workforce of tomorrow. I’m also very proud to have added an additional $15,000 in funds to this program through my District 7 food budget. Not only does this program address farmers’ challenges of finding apprentices, but it’s pertinent we invest in young people by providing them the opportunities to develop agency, stewardship, and entrepreneurship skills— and all while being compensated equitably. The origin story of Arizona is one of farming and agriculture which we should continue to nurture in order to continue being an innovative and sustainable city.”

Sustainability Officers:

“As we know, young people are hyper-invested in climate issues given that the future of our city and our planet affects them more than anyone. I’m proud that the City of Phoenix is investing in our youth to create change, and that we’re now a nationwide leader on sustainability education and action.

Last month, I had the honor of meeting 8 Sustainability Officers, led by student leader Zoe Blocher-Rubin under the mentorship of Darice Ellis here at the City of Phoenix and got to witness their enthusiasm and commitment to not only their schools, but also to their community and Phoenix’s natural environment firsthand.

As elected officials work to make Phoenix greener and stronger, this program will equip our future leaders with the knowledge and skills to help us reach new heights.”

Phoenix City Councilwoman Betty Guardado

Fellow Phoenix Councilwoman (District Five) Betty Guardado commented:

“This is an investment in quality jobs, livable wages, and a healthier workforce. We will work with our partners in the labor community to ensure there are job training programs and opportunities for advancement through apprenticeships.”






Please click below for more information on the Urban Agricultural Fellowship and Student Council Sustainability Officer Programs.

220126 Phoenix Bolsters Sustainability Programs for Students


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