The Real Juan Ciscomani is Simply CiscoMAGA: Anti-Abortion Absolutist.

You need to know who Juan Ciscomani REALLY is:

The Real CiscoMAGA can’t, and won’t, explain his extreme anti-abortion votes.

Many independent Arizona voters here in Southern Arizona voted in good faith for a moderate Republican in 2022. That’s not what they got. They got a religious fanatic intent on forcing his religious views onto the women of Arizona and America.

That is not what the overwhelming majority of Arizonans want.

We can fix that in 2024: Support Kirsten Engel for Congress.

1 thought on “The Real Juan Ciscomani is Simply CiscoMAGA: Anti-Abortion Absolutist.”

  1. Being a guy, I’m sure there are nuances of abortion that I just don’t understand but what really baffles me is why fundie-vangie, christo-fascist, white supremacist, MAGA morons think anyone has a right to limit what a person does with his or her own body. If we don’t have automomy over our own bodies, what DO we really control? Religion is the root of all evil.

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