The Return of Friday Dog Blogging: Charlie Schweikert


The love of a good dog knows no politics. Just consider the saga of little Charlie Schweikert. Charlie is employed by the Maricopa County Treasurer’s office as office counselor and cheerleader. He defuses bad days and turns down the volume on taxpayer disputes. And all he asks in return is a few treats, a scratch behind the ears, and place to grab a quick bit of kip.

Charlie is the pet of David Schweikert, the Republican Treasurer of Maricopa County, who has formed an exploratory committee to consider a run against Rep. Harry Mitchell in CD 5. I don’t care for the idea of a Republican representing any congressional district, but it does say something positive about a person’s character that they love and respect dogs the way Schweikert obviously does Charley.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for dog and elephant show.

I have to say that I was therefore a little disappointed and concerned to learn that Schweikert (David, not Charley) let an FEC filing enforcement matter dangle unresolved for four years. I’m sure there is an explanation for that lack of diligence, but I would have expected a man tasked with fiduciary duties over a multi-billion dollar budget in Maricopa to be a bit more attentive to detail.

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  1. I think the world would be a much better place if more people were able to take their dog to work. They are tensions breakers, stress relievers and overall just great to have around.

  2. As for myself I go everywhere with my Siberian Husky Yukon; a 85 pound Black and Silver with blue eyes.

    Yukon developed Diabetes and when I take him to the Walgreens Drug Store Drive though for his insulin the clerk always passes a cookie to Yukon first of all!

    My Wife and I have two other Siberian’s named King and Sierra; we are working on a sled team!

    We adopt all the rescues we can as we had Seven(7) Dogs at one time!

    You should try sleeping on a California King size bed with Seven dogs!

  3. Those of you who knew my Father-in-law Howard A. Bring saw him driving his Cadillac Eldorado Diesel with Red Leather Interior with “Charlie” a Saint Bernard in the back seat. Charlie went everywhere Howard went.

    As President of Bring Funeral Homes Inc. Howard’s Office was across from the Tucson Police Department and Fire Station Number One and The Cathedral. The Police Chief – Fire Cheif and Bishop all visited Charlie at Brings Funeral Home as he also ran from office to office on the second floor!

    Howard always had important visitors stay at his home as one was the owner of a large chemical company in Boston Mass.

    He told the Ceo that he must prepare for his Son who has a handicap when they stayed for a business visit named Charlie.

    The Ceo was taken back when he saw Charlie and never forgot him; as you see Charlie had a very serious drueling problem and slobbered over everyone and there clothes!

    The Cadillacs and Lincoln Limosines all had traces of Charlie!

    When Charlie died he was buried in a Boyertown Casket in our back yard at 5711 North William Drive.

    Charlie was never forgotten but we adopted a Golden Lab Laddy who also had run of the Funeral Homes and cars.

    After my Fater-in Law and Mother-in -law died three weeks apart(Howard and Gerry Bring) my wife Sharon and I took Laddy to Southlawn Mausoleum where they are interred. We let Laddy out of the car and to both our surprise he ran right to the crypt where Howard was; with-out ever being there before!

    After seeing that Both my wife and I broke down and cried knowing that there IS a special place in Heaven for Mans Best Friend!

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