‘The right to own a gun includes the right to destroy that gun’


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Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images. . . Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God. . .

Those who have made religious idols of guns and treat them as if they are holy relics ought to reread the first two Commandments. And then there are those who have a psycho-sexual fetish for guns. That is disturbing on many levels.

Arizona Daily Star editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen responds to the gun idolatry and fetish crowd who insist that no gun may ever be destroyed in an op-ed today, Gun owners have the right to destroy weapon if they choose:

The right to own a gun includes the right to destroy that gun. That's as American as apple pie.

A gun is not a sentient being in need of a savior. A gun is a tool – an efficient and deadly tool – but a tool.

A gun has the same rights as my toaster.

those who make the physical preservation of guns paramount over all
else act as if guns are an endangered species in need of devoted
attention and loving protection.

This head-scratcher of a
viewpoint fuels the frothing hysteria about the gun-buyback event
planned for 9 a.m. today. Bring a gun you don't want, and don't want
anyone else to have, to the Tucson Police Department midtown substation
so it can be destroyed, and get a $50 grocery gift card in exchange.

And if you don't want to, then don't.

hear criticism of the buyback, you'd think the British were coming. The
prospect that a gun might be destroyed is heresy to its venerators.

But their vociferous opposition doesn't make sense – and it certainly isn't about protecting gun owners' rights.

No, it is idolatry and fetishism, Sarah.

This being Arizona, if you want to own a gun, you pretty much can.
You can keep it in a closet, under your pillow, take it to the shooting
range. Shoot it a lot, shoot it a little, shoot it never. That's up to

But you are not allowed, according to the self-appointed gun
do-gooders, to decide you don't want it anymore. And heaven forbid if
you decide your gun should be destroyed. These do-gooders will trample
all over your ability to do what you want with your own property while
noisily declaring themselves the protector of rights.

Because, you
see, the gun is presented differently, depending on the circumstances.
It's property, but it's not. An object, but also a cause. Gun devotees
can't have it all ways, though they valiantly try.

It is idolatry and fetishism, Sarah.

If the gun discussion were rational, gun devotees wouldn't twist the
shooting murders of 20 children into a perceived threat against
themselves and their beloved guns. The sheer self-centeredness is
astounding. But we've seen it again. And again. And again.

* * *

But if a person wants to dispose of his gun, or if a community
decides that it doesn't want some types of weapons and accessories to be
so readily available, then the gun suddenly possesses all manner of
noble qualities.

The gun, not the person, becomes most important.
The gun embodies liberties and freedom – it is a friend, a protector, a
companion, a member of the family. The gun is not the means to a goal,
it is the goal. Cue the gun-waving, soaring eagle draped in the American

It is idolatry and fetishism, Sarah.

[D]estroying my own gun? Making sure it's out of commission? That's my
business. It's my right to decide I want it done, and who should do it.
So back off.

If the whole crux about owning guns is about
individual rights, as supporters claim, then let the individual exercise
his rights.

Fighting a small-scale gun-buyback program by trying
to intimidate supporters and participants into forfeiting their right to
do what they want with their own property does not make you a Second
Amendment crusader.

It makes you a hypocrite.

And more than just a little creepy.

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  1. I love that she is unapologetically exposing the soul of the gun culture. Yeah, the “freedom” thing works both ways. With every passing day, the fringe elements will out-crazy each other and play games while the rest of the country moves closer to finding real solutions.