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2305hb11Petitions for the referendum (citizens veto) to block the Voter Suppression Act, HB 2305, are circulating throughout the state. You can sign the petition at your County Democratic Party offices, and you can also pick up a petition to gather signatures.

For more information here in Pima County please call Shasta McManus, Executive Director of the Pima County Democratic Party, at 520-326-3716 or you can pick up petitions at 4639 E 1st St. in Tucson. In Cochise County please call Pat Fleming, Chair of the Cochise County Democratic Committee, at 520-249-5228. You can also call Barbara Lubin with the Arizona Democratic Party at 602-234-6800 and pick up petitions at 2910 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix.

Below is a letter from Arizona Democratic Party Chair, Bill Roe:


of our most valuable rights, the right to vote, is under attack by the
extreme right wing of the Republican Party. Under the guise of “election
reform” and with a minimum of public input, the Republican majority
rammed HB2305 through the legislature and it was signed by the Governor.
HB2305 makes it more difficult for voters to exercise their freedom to
vote and limits the number of candidates able to qualify for the ballot.
It is a blatant attempt by tea party extremists to retain power by
changing election laws to favor their candidates.

We are
requesting that you gather signatures to refer HB2305 to the ballot and
give voters the opportunity to have their voices heard. State law
requires that referendum signatures be filed by Sept. 12th. If enough
valid signatures are filed by the deadline, the law does not go into
effect but rather is placed on the next general election ballot in
November of 2014.

in your packet are tools to help you collect petition signatures. The
rules for collecting signatures for referendum are different than for
candidate petitions so we have provided a list of guidelines to make
sure every signature you obtain is legal. In addition, we have provided
talking points which explain why HB2305 is bad public policy and a
suggested script for you to use when you approach your neighbors.

We ask
that you collect a minimum of 45 signatures and return the petitions to
the Arizona Democratic Party office, Pima County Headquarters or your
county chair no later than August 15th. While some people may obtain
this signature goal or exceed it, we ask that everyone return whatever
number of signatures they collect by this deadline. If you have any
questions or need more information please call Barbara Lubin,
602-234-6800 or Jacqueline Adams, 602-234-6803 at the ADP office.

you for your investment of time and energy. You are part of a statewide
effort comprised of many different groups who have come together to
protect the most precious of our freedoms: the right to vote.

-Bill Roe

h/t graphic: Stephen Lemons, Phoenix New Times

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