The shameless, soulless bottom-feeding sewer dwellers of the GOPropaganda machine

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The Tea-Publican Party, the "post-policy party" that has no ideas and no policies other than more tax cuts for the über-rich elite of the corporatocracy for whom they do their bidding, and to reflexively oppose anything proposed by President Obama and the Democrats because of Obama Derangement Syndrome, are out with a new ad celebrating their economic terrorism obstruction of the democratic process and the will of the American people as if this is something for which Tea-Publicans ought to be proud. They ought to be ashamed, and this ad should stand as an indictment of the Tea-Publican Party.

The shameless, soulless bottom-feeding sewer dwellers of the GOPropaganda machine that produced this ad stooped so low as to mock the grieving mother of a child murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School after the GOP filibuster of the Manchin-Toomey amendment to declare "victory" in obstructing gun safety regulation favored by nearly 90% of Americans, including a majority of Republicans.

Jed Lewision at Daily Kos writes, Republican Party uses image of President Obama consoling Newtown mother to mock his agenda:

This is classy: The Republican National Committee has a new video mocking
President Obama's legislative agenda and 19 seconds in, with a
voiceover from ABC's Jon Karl saying after "just 100 days" President
Obama "has already faced a string of defeats in Congress," the video
tries to show what a loser the president is by cutting to this image:


Yeah, that would be President Obama at the White House consoling Nicole Hockley,
whose son Dylan was killed in the Newtown massacre. To most folks, this
is an image of a president trying to comfort a grieving mother. To the
Republican National Committee, however, it's an image worth mocking,
because their party managed to filibuster gun safety legislation in the

Well, congratulations, guys. We'll thank you in 2014.

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