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Liz Cheney has zero qualifications to run for public office, other than the fact she is the daughter of Dick Cheney, and she is propped up by the conservative media entertainment complex which gives her a microphone from which to spew her father's noxious political views. But for the conservative media entertainment complex, the employer of last resort for wingnuts, Liz Cheney would be unemployed.


The New York Times reported over the weekend that the spawn of Satan is gearing up to run against a "safe" Republican senator in a GOP primary, Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming, even though she has no real connections to Wyoming and only moved to the state a year ago. In
Wyoming, a Cheney Run Worries G.O.P.

Steve Benen adds some color commentary to the Times reporting, Senator Cheney?

Liz Cheney, despite having no meaningful background in the state
whatsoever, moved with her family to Wyoming just last year and quickly
became a ubiquitous political player. Indeed, the right-wing media
personality even called Enzi directly, letting him know she's likely to
run against him in a GOP primary.

The result would probably be an
ugly fight within the state Republican Party, pitting a popular
three-term incumbent against a powerful family with deep roots in the

It's not altogether clear why Cheney would bother. Her
brief tenure in public office — she worked in the Bush/Cheney State
Department — didn't go well, but she remains a fixture in political
media, routinely publishing "stark raving mad" pieces and making Sunday show appearances
. Cheney's megaphone is formidable, even if she uses it towards ridiculous ends.

whatever her motivations, this will probably be one of the cycle's more
noteworthy primary fights. Enzi, assuming he doesn't retire, would
almost certainly have the edge, though he has not yet faced a rival as
fierce and unburdened by propriety as Cheney.

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Postscript: The NYT piece noted that the former vice
president, eager to help his daughter, has also begun traveling more
regularly to the state he used to represent. That said, Liz Cheney "has
told associates that if she runs, she wants to do so in her own right."

No really, she actually said this. Hubris.

This is a trend in GOP politics. The Republican Party is increasingly run by the talking heads of the conservative media entertainment complex, the business model of which is to spew hatred and resentment for "others," and to perpetuate the conservative persecution complex (tribalism). Liz Cheney certainly excels at the dark arts of right-wing propaganada, as did her father. But this does not qualify her for public office.

Perhaps we should put this trend to the test: if the GOP is going to allow the conservative media entertainment complex to run the party, then these talking heads should all have to run for public office. Let's find out whether the voters really support Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, and the hundreds of right-wing clones that populate hate radio, the Internet, and FAUX News Fraudcasting.

Of course, this would mean they have to give up their lucrative incomes from selling hatred and resentment to the rubes for the lowly job of actually governing — which is why they will never do it. That speaks to their amorality and lack of principles. it's all about the money.