The trouble with ‘E.Orr’ redux


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

EyeoreDuring the 2012 campaign, Ethan Orr (aka "E.Orr") fashioned himself after moderate Tucson Republicans like
former Reps. Pete Hershberger and Toni Hellon, and said he hopes to work with
the southern Arizona Democratic delegation to pass legislation that can
help the people and Tucson. The local media bought his act. Orr was elected to the House.

Rep. Orr (R-LD 9), voted in favor of HB 2455, which clarifies that local law-enforcement agencies
must sell guns they acquire in situations such as gun buy-back programs
— even where the gun owner voluntarily surrenders his or her weapon for the express purpose that their weapon be safely destroyed by law enforcement.

HB 2455 is a bill that was introduced by the gun worshipers and fetishists in direct response to Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik's gun buy-back program earlier this year. It is a bill fashioned by our "big brother" colonial overlords in the state of Maricopa to subjugate the City of Tucson and to micromanage the affairs of this charter city. "Small government" conservative is just a lie.

HB 2455 is also an affront to the so-called conservative value of "private property rights." The state of Arizona now gives more rights to an inanimate object, a firearm, than the firearm's owner. If a gun owner voluntarily surrenders his or her weapon for the express
purpose that their weapon be safely destroyed by law enforcement, that is their private property right. "Private property" conservative is just a lie.

What I find most offensive and insulting to Tucsonans is that Rep. Orr represents the area of Tucson in which the Safeway store where the mass-shooting of 19 individuals occurred on January 8, 2011. I personally knew several of the victims killed, and I personally know several of the wounded survivors of this heinous act. When Rep. Orr voted to protect the "sanctity" of firearms, as if they are a sacred object or holy relic, over the sanctity of the human lives lost and wounded on January 8, 2011 — it was a betrayal of the residents of his district, a moral failure and a cowardly act.

Rep. Orr's vote did not reflect the views of his constituents in Legislative District 9. He apparently fears the vote "scorecard" of the gun worshipers and fetishists more than he does the vote "scorecard" of his constituents in Legislative District 9. I assure you, Mr. Orr, they will remember in November 2014. You failed the moral test of leadership.

Rep. Orr faces another moral test of leadership on Governor Jan Brewer's Medicaid (AHCCCS) restoration plan. As I posted during the campaign, The trouble with 'E.Orr', he responded to the Center for Arizona Policy's questionnaire for its 2012 Voter Guide, State Candidates - with a statement
(.pdf) in which he begins by stating that "The values and the
principles of the Bible define my faith and my world view," and
concluded with the statement  "I am asking for your support not only as a
candidate but also your help to change the tone and tenor of our
political conversations so that we can reveal both the character and the
compassion of Christ, and be the salt and light of the world."

For the uninitiated, this is a reference to Matthew 5:13-16 and it
serves as the foundation for some Evangelical ministries. "E.Orr"
signaled to CAP voters that he stands with them.

Now that Mullah Cathi Herrod and her Christian Taliban at the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) are opposing Governor Jan Brewer's Medicaid (AHCCCS) restoration plan on specious claims of "indirect" funding of abortion through healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood, "E.Orr" has to decide who he is going to support.

Is "E.Orr" going to vote with Mullah Cathi Herrod and the CAP because he also fears their vote "scorecard"? Or is he going to vote for the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans in need of Medicaid (AHCCCS) healthcare coverage? WWJD?

So what's it going to be, boy? The voters of Legislative District 9 have the right to know with whom you stand.

You can contact "E.Orr" to tell him how you feel about his betrayal on HB 2455 and tell him where you stand on Governor Jan Brewer's Medicaid (AHCCCS) restoration plan, and demand to know where he stands, at or (602)


  1. These are exactly the concerns I had about Orr during the campaign — that he makes moderate noises, after which he drops an “on the other hand” for conservatives. He looked pretty good in the early days of the session when nothing much was happening, but now is when we find out what he’s made of, when the real legislative battles are being fought.