The truth about the bogus Joe Flores supporters photo

by David Safier

Here's the difference between Jim Nintzel of the Weekly and me — or one of the differences, anyway. He's a journalist. I'm a blogger.

So while I wrote a speculative piece about all the reasons I thought the supporters photo on Joe Flores' website was a Photoshop job of a pic from an Obama rally,


Nintzel gets all journalistic and calls Hai Laventure, who, according to Nintzel "is handling graphics for the Flores campaign." (How do those reporters find out stuff like that?) Laventure fessed up.

Hai Laventure, who is handling graphics for the Flores campaign, tells The Range that the photo is actually “something I just grabbed from a rally somewhere on the East Coast” and the Flores signs have been Photoshopped onto the signs that that members of the crowd were actually waving.

“It was just so that we had something up there that showed support,” says Laventure. “But it’s nothing malicious or anything. It was just a placeholder on there.”

But I'll bet Jim didn't have nearly as much fun as I did playing Boy Detective, blowing up the photo, inspecting the pixels and drawing red circles around the suspect parts of the photo. So there.

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