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Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I participated in a discussion the other day about the GOP war on voting, and one of the issues that came up was voter ID. There is quite literally no need for voter ID at the polls — impersonation of a voter at the polls is virtually non-existent — but the conservative media entertainment complex has won the propaganda war on this issue with the simple message that "you have to show ID for just about everything else." (Your right to vote is a constitutional right, it is not on par with commercial transactions).

My recommendation was that having lost the propaganda war on this issue, while continuing to litigate this issue in court, political parties, civil rights advocacy organizations, voting rights advocacy organizations, the League of Women Voters, etc. should begin a program now to help individuals who lack the proper documents they need to obtain a state-sanctioned voter ID to get the documents they need to vote. Time is of the essence.

Rick Hasen posts at his about VoteRiders:

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people asking me for suggestions on
what to do to counter some of the new strict voting rules that are being
enacted into law in North Carolina, Texas, and elsewhere.  I’ve been
sending folks to check out VoteRiders and their Voter ID clinics.

Litigation against some of these harsh voting laws is likely to be
only partially successful; efforts like VoteRiders’ are going to be
necessary in a lot of places.

About VoteRiders Voter ID Clinics:

VoteRiders’ Voter ID Clinics help citizens to get a birth
certificate, change-of-name and other documents required to secure a
state-mandated photo ID for voting purposes.

We are building a nationwide network of Partner Organizations
that will hold Voter ID Clinics on an ongoing basis. In addition,
VoteRiders welcomes the support of our advisory Voter ID Clinics Coalition Members, who endorse the concept of the VoteRiders Voter ID Clinics.  

Below you will find access to our free Clinic-in-a-Box™ –
Training Documents, Training Videos, Marketing Tools and Guidelines –
for Partner Organizations conducting Voter ID Clinics. VoteRiders
supports our Partners with national and local media campaigns, and asks
communities to donate their time and money to aid their
regional Partners’ Voter ID Clinics.

You will find our Voter ID Clinics Q&A at Guidelines.

If you are interested in conducting a Voter ID Clinic and would like
access to the training materials below – or have any questions – please contact us! Can’t participate? You can still support us!

Check out the web site and let's start building a nationwide network to assist voters who need help today. The key to success will be media campaigns to make the public aware that such help is available, and getting individuals to act on that information in a timely manner. Please don't wait until shortly before election day.