The Whiff of Political Discourse: Unpacking the Trending #TrumpSmells Hashtag

Ah, the scent of politics. Social media makes spreading political commentary as easy as releasing a silent but deadly. Memes are the sound bites, posts are the debate points, and somewhere in the midst of all this, actual politics is happening. It’s like watching reality TV but with higher stakes like, you know, the future of democracy.

More to the point, this whole stink (aka the #TrumpSmells hashtag) gained viral velocity when former United States Representative Adam Kinzinger and comedian Kathy Griffin, plus a few other brave noses, came forward with the news that Don the Con might be fighting more than just political and legal battles. The Internet did what it does best: turned it into a trending hashtag faster than you can say “Eau de Trump.”

Sure, the Beltway has seen its share of scandals, but body odor or farts? It’s like the universe knows our country’s political arena is in the toilet, so why not go all the way? Yes, it’s crude and it’s rude. But really, making light of some loathsome politician’s mysterious stink? It’s hilariously on-the-nose as a snapshot of our current state of the union, a perfect blend of the absurd and the all-too-real.

This Cheeky Trend Is the Great Equalizer

When we regress to the lowest common denominators of human existence, we can put public figures on a relatable plane with the rest of us. I mean, almost everyone appreciates a good fart joke, amiright? Well, at least the student population in your nearest elementary or middle school does, anyway. There’s something about a putrid punchline that resonates with our most childlike sensibilities. And, a body odor or fart joke has the right amount of universal appeal and ability to break social barriers.

It’s a breath of fresh air in the stuffy hallways of the United States Capitol. And, I suspect 45 might not be the only one whose odoriferous emissions we might guffaw over. Under those mostly-male monochrome suits and 1980s tacky necktie designs, there’s at least one or two others whose corporeal presence might just be a little ripe. Considering some politicians have been known to sleep in their offices overnight, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine.

Are We Just Tired, or What?

The #TrumpSmells hashtag trend is the political equivalent of a huge sigh. We’re all just so f**king exhausted by the endless cycle of lies, outrage and scandal. So, we turn to humor, the kind that reminds us of simpler times, like childhood, complete with its punch-drunk laughing fits. It’s not just immaturity; it’s nostalgia for a time when the most significant debate was who pulled the fire alarm, not who’s pulling the strings in Washington.

Michelle Obama’s call for high-ground politics was noble, sure. But sometimes, in the current political climate, we need an unexpected approach. Some may whine that we are trivializing important issues, but it’s not about abandoning all decorum. It’s about understanding that sometimes, the rules of the game change, and in today’s political climate, well-timed potty humor is fighting fire with fire.

Might This Be Brilliant Strategy?

A licensed psychologist might say the use of bodily function humor as political discourse reflects a societal shift toward more informal forms of commentary. Yeah, you go with that, Mr. Pissy Pants. It’s more likely, hidden among the spit-takes, snickers and belly laughs, there’s a clever bit of Democratic strategy here. In other words, if you can’t beat them with reality, logic or facts, maybe you can beat them with laughter or shame. It’s like political judo, as in using your opponent’s weight against them. In this case, the weight is the rumor mill, churning out not just political gaffes but personal ones, too. 

Oh, the irony! 45 is always trumpeting his so-called ‘superior’ German genes, as if that somehow makes him immune to common bodily failings. As if it means he can’t possibly stink up a room, literally or figuratively!

Let’s Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously

At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to make it through this political circus slash dumpster fire with our sanity intact. And if that means indulging in a little juvenile humor, then so be it. It’s a reminder to lighten the hell up. After all, laughter might just be the best political tool we’ve got.

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7 thoughts on “The Whiff of Political Discourse: Unpacking the Trending #TrumpSmells Hashtag”

  1. It’s funny and it’s also serious.

    Noel Casler, a comedian who worked on The Apprentice, has been saying T4ump wears diapers since the old gas bag came down the escalator.

    Casler thinks it’s because of T4ump’s Adderall addiction, which he says was common knowledge on the show.

    And while I am not a doctor, I did fully participate in the 70’s and 80’s, working in theater lighting doing concerts, TV, and movies, and later in Silicon Valley, where CEO’s microdose LDS because they think it makes them more creative and are so rich they can afford all of the cocaine.

    I’ve seen lots of drug abuse, and T4ump has a lot of the signs. Don Jr. is a walking billboard for rehab.

    IMHO, of course.

    I do look forward to a future where we discuss policies like grown ups, and I would never want to diaper shame anyone, human’s are a diverse group, but T4ump is fair game.

    He’s been insulting people’s looks for decades.

    Twitter battles with Rosie O’Donnell? Yeah, let’s make that hero POTUS.

    I hope this gets meme’d to the max and we get a lovely sound bite of Mr. Poopy Pants ranting at a rally about how he doesn’t wear diapers because he’s a big boy.

    His personality disorder will get the better of him and he’ll have to respond.

    And finally, to follow up on Wileybud’s comment….

    Here I sit
    Broken Hearted
    Tried to s***
    But only farted

    Later when I tried to fart
    And took a chance
    I s*** my convicted rapist pants

    • Sometimes life presents choices that are so nefarious one doesn’t know whether to sh*t or go blind. So the compromise position is to close one eye and fart.

  2. With profuse apologies to Allen Collins & Ronnie van Zandt:

    Mickey D’s and Adderall
    Loo lid you’re in my way
    There’s too much coke & you’re a joke
    Look what’s going on inside you

    Ewwwww that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    Ewwwww that smell
    The smell of poo surrounds you

    Now they call you Prince Charming
    Speaking words so full of crap
    Enjoy your small cell there Donnie
    The toilet’s not enough for you

    Ewwwww that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    Ewwwww that smell
    The smell of poo surrounds you

    • And what is truly amazing is that was one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s greatest hits. I never thought Van Zandt was much of a lyricist.

      • Always thought Free Bird was overrated and overblown. That Smell is musically good, Gimme Three Steps was a bit humorous & Mr. Saturday Night Special was decent social commentary though these days that song would probably be Mr. Armalite 15 Special. Favorite LS song is I Never Dreamed.

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