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I have never been a fan of bad sci-fi movies, so this didn't naturally come to mind. Kudos to Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post for the catch. Eugene Robinson – Financial crisis? No, it's just ants"

"If John Boehner feels like renting a movie this holiday weekend, I suggest he steer clear of the 1954 sci-fi horror flick "Them!" In it, nuclear testing in the New Mexico desert creates a marauding colony of giant mutant ants.

That might be enough to afflict the House minority leader with nightmares and cold sweats.

Boehner's jaw-dropping observation that President Obama's financial regulatory reform legislation is "killing an ant with a nuclear weapon" has gladdened the hearts of Democratic political operatives from coast to coast.

Obama got in his licks on Wednesday. "That's what he said – he compared the financial crisis to an ant," the president told a Wisconsin crowd. "This is the same financial crisis that led to the loss of nearly 8 million jobs. The same crisis that cost people their homes, their life savings."

* * *

When Obama called on Congress to address the shameful fact that 46 million Americans lacked health insurance, Republicans first opposed all reform and then grudgingly suggested a few incremental measures that would nibble at the problem from the margins. When decades of deregulation and laissez faire enabled Wall Street to take such insane risks – with other people's money – that the global financial system came within a whisper of collapse, the Republican response is to tinker rather than restructure. The party's slogan for November should be: "It's all good. Except for that Obama guy. And Nancy Pelosi."

* * *

It's all good. But, at least after this week, I'm pretty sure that if actual giant mutant ants were to appear, they'd get the Republican Party's attention."

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