These People Are Crazy

Posted by Bob Lord

I need to stop wasting time on this, but I'm finding the right wing fascinating. Check out this post at Sonoran Alliance. If you took the trouble to read it, drop a comment to let us know your favorite, "you own it" line for hypocrisy, idiocy, or sheer ridiculousness. I had a hard time making up my mind. The first one, "the next terrorist attack, you own it," is obviously remarkable given what happened 11 years and two months ago. "Another severe recession, you own it" also ranks up there, for obvious reasons. 

But my favorite, based on sheer ridiculousness and a true head in the sand mentality only a Koch brother could love is "driving a car that looks like a toy, you own it." 

As my title for this post indicates, these people are crazy.

They're also really, really bitter. 

3 responses to “These People Are Crazy

  1. Hilarious. I love it. Hope you keep adding to it. They’ll give you loads of material, no doubt.

  2. I think these brilliant commentators deserve their own website to show the world the voice of Arizona Republicans:

  3. “Bowing to the Soviet Union? you own it. ”

    I guess these home skooled mouthbreathers don’t know the USSR ceased to exist in 1991.

    It’s like saying “Bowing to Upper Volta or Yugoslavia? You own it.” Not that they could find those places even on an old map . . . .