Thetans, Cretins, and the Arizona Legislature

Arizona, once found to be the most corrupt state in the union, often numbers 50 (or worse) as the least developed state in the union for education, social welfare, health care etc. i.e. concern for humans.  It seems from this legislative session and the last that AZ has clearly grabbed the top spot as the craziest state in the union. Our Qanon believers and January 6 Insurrectionists have gone full rogue. They say and do things that in a normal time would indicate a need for white coats or law enforcement badges.  Dig down and it gets worse.

Over 100 thousand people believe the bodies of the deceased must be placed atop tall towers to be exposed to the sun and devoured by birds to avoid polluting the earth below. That is actually not such a bad idea given the toxicity of many of our legislators.

Some 50 thousand people believe that diseases are not caused by germs, bacilli, or viruses but by lapses of faith. Apparently, those are the ones refusing to wear masks to control the pandemic and save lives, health, and hospital staff.  But approximately 4.2 million others believe that people should wear masks over their mouths not to avoid disease, but to avoid killing the microorganisms that are in the air.  So maybe that is an approach to end the pandemic? Save the microorganisms – wear a mask!  While saving microorganisms (and ants) is important to some, saving their own children is prohibited to nearly 5 million others who can’t give blood to their own children.

About 25,000 Americans believe that humans are descendants of “thetans”, a group of omnipotent gods, and that our emotional problems are due to “engrams” in the brain created by trauma in prior lives on another planet.  Watching the legislature, I’m beginning to believe there may be some truth in this.

Over a billion people worship the head of an elephant and rub clarified butter on a stylized phallus.  Several bills have been introduced in the legislature to prohibit the teaching of or pictures of anything sexual so maybe butter on the penis is the substitute?

Nearly 3 million people wave silk or paper streamers for purification and many take new cars as well as their pets to be blessed.  Nearly 14 million believe that ancient Jews buried tablets written in Egyptian in the U.S. that were then found and translated by angels.  Yet they think Harry Potter is too much fantasy and ban it from the library?

Two of the three main Abrahamic religions believe in cutting off body parts for purity.  So what their god gave them is apparently impure? Wonder how their god feels about that?  We know what happens when you cross a jealous boss. A billion people think that eating the flesh and blood of their god is a good thing – like cannibalism.

All of these crazy ideas are justified in the name of religion. Estimates are that 4,200 religions exist in the world today. They are categorized by East Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern (the 7 Abrahamic religions), Iranian, Indigenous, and then the newer fictional creations that are too numerous to list.

Yet one of the main points in the legislature both last year and this is to enshrine religion in the law above all else.  HB2507, a bi-partisan bill, would elevate personal belief systems above the law.  It would allow those who claim their religion tells them that gays are to be stoned or people of African descent are cursed by Ham and therefore do not deserve equality or fairness to discriminate and even commit crimes. Our legislature wants to enshrine such discrimination into law – urged on by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) in Scottsdale.

Would this law also protect people who put their dead grandpa on a gazebo roof in the back yard because it’s their religious belief?  Would engram counseling for thetans be covered by AHCCCS? Could rubbing butter on a penis substitute for sex education – how to put on a condom maybe? That would be better than the pornography the kids now watch on the internet and think they are learning about sex when in fact they are learning about abuse and exploitation. One can carry this to extremes – which the legislators and ADF has done.

After hundreds of years of religious wars in Europe, those who came here knew something ADF and the legislators apparently don’t – elevating one religion over another or religion over non-religion is a recipe for disaster. That is why they wrote our Constitution to prohibit any religious tests (Article VI) and the First Amendment to prevent establishing a religion or interfering with someone’s belief system. We need the Rule of Law not religious preference to prevent the endless and destructive conflicts and wars that have plagued the world based on personal beliefs that should remain of concern to the person only and not public policy.  Tell your own legislators that- soon.




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  1. Dianne, Thank you bringing this to the broader public attention. The many uninformed about our Constitution are sitting in the Arizona Legislature passing unConstitutional bills that will create ongoing tax burdens with years of litigation to correct them! It’s chilling to witness the damage they’ve done this week as votes are taking place working against the public interest and an uniformed public.

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