My wife received this political postcard (below} in the mail late last week, without any “paid for by” disclosure to identify the sender.  Just a short note to “Please vote all the way down the ballot,” signed by someone using only a first name. The post mark is from New York, New York.


The postcard is printed by Blue Wave Postcard Movement,

It is a good summary of how the two major parties differ. There are many other options which could have been included, space permitting.

I’m not sure why they just did not include the most obvious point: Republicans tried to overthrow our constitutional democracy with a violent insurrection on January 6, 2021, and they are promising that they will succeed the next time. Democrats are the defenders of constitutional democracy, and they are trying to preserve the constitutional democracy that we have enjoyed for 246 years.

Nothing pissess me off more than the media villager interview with the undecided voter who invariably says “there is not much difference beteen the two parties” – the false equivalency narrative favored by lazy media villagers and their horse race political coverage of elections.

This election is a referendum on American democracy. Do you want to maintain the constitutional democracy that we have enjoyed for 246 years, the democracy that countless generations of Americans have fought and died and sacrificed to preserve, or do you want to burn it all down in favor of a White Christian Nationalist theocratic autocracy ruled by an authoritarian Republican minority, i.e., a tyranny of the minority?

Because this is the existential choice you must make in this election. Nothing else matters. American constitutional democracy lives or dies on November 8, 2022. The choice is yours.