(UPDATED) This has been a Great Week for Mark Kelly and all the other Democratic Senate Candidates

Cartoon from Matt Wuerker
Cartoon from Patrick Chappatte

In the week to ten days since Individual One was acquitted by the Coverup Republicans in the Senate, the electoral fortunes of the Democratic candidates seeking to defeat the most vulnerable of them have considerably improved.

How can this be?

Exhibit A: Has the 2016 Popular Vote Loser shown humility and remorse since his acquittal by the Coverup Republicans?

Hell No.

Within minutes of the acquittal, the Liar in Chief has acted like an unchained paranoid animal professing to be the victim of a deep state conspiracy, lashing out at everyone who sought to bring the betrayal of his oath of office to light and remove from office for it.

Exhibit B: Firing those who testified against him.

Colonel Alexander Vindman and European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland were shown the door a little more than 48 hours after the end of the Senate Trial. They even threw Vindman’s twin brother out and he had nothing to do with the Impeachment. Apparently, some Senators, including Coverup McSally, intervened to prevent the firing of Republican donor Sondland but those pleas fell on deaf ears.

Exhibit C: His Proposed Budget.

Cartoon from RJ Matson

The budget released by the Administration on February 10 is a walking campaign commercial for every Democratic candidate in the country with its draconian cuts in Children’s Health Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps,  the Environment, Student Loans, and Scientific Research.

The Budget, with the Pelosi, led House is already Dead on Arrival.

Exhibit D: His interference with the Roger Stone Case via tweet.

Cartoon from Jimmy Marguiles

His tweet chastising the recommended sentence for his personal political consigliere Roger Stone which coincided with Attorney General Bill Barr (either coincidentally if you choose to believe him or otherwise) intervening to recommend a lesser sentence (which Individual One praised in another tweet)  has caused resignations of career prosecutors and has confirmed to many in the country that the Justice Department is now the personal law firm for the Impeached Duce.

This has been compounded with the Administration pulling the nomination of Jessie Liu for Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes.

What was her transgression?

She was the one in charge of overseeing the United States Attorney in Washington D.C. that had jurisdiction over the remnants of the Mueller Investigation including the Stone case.

She also resigned from the government on February 13, 2020.

Exhibit E: Fearing no consequences now that the Impeachment Trial, The Third Impeached President in United States History publicly admitted on February 13 that he sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to dig up political dirt on the Bidens.

Exhibit F: Individual One tweeted today (Happy Valentines Day) in response to Barr’s interview on ABC on February 13 that he had the right to intervene in pending federal criminal cases.

Right about now Coverup Republican Senators like Martha McSally, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, Tom Tillis, and Lindsey Graham, some of whom said the President will learn a lesson from impeachment, are probably wondering if there is enough of a fringe base in the Trump Zone and Fox Island to make up for all the swing voters who are nauseated with the actions and behavior of the Third President in United States History to be impeached.

This has been a great week for Mark Kelly and all the other Democratic Senate Candidates who, along with the party’s Presidential, House, and Local contenders, are undoubtedly praying that Trump continues to be the gift that keeps on giving until election day which is 264 days away.

The Democrats do, however, also have to seal the deal by showing the American People that they have a better, inclusive, optimistic and forward vision to lead the country.

With Trump in the White House and the Republicans cowering to his every whim, this hopefully should not be difficult.



  1. “The Democrats do, however, also have to seal the deal by showing the American People that they have a better, inclusive, optimistic and forward vision to lead the country.”

    And that’s the problem. The DNC, DCCC& DSCC are hell bent on foisting Conservadems (a.k.a. Republican Lite) on the electorate. Upon attaining office they succeed in thwarting progressive policies that benefit the majority of their constituents. Then one or two election cycles later Democratic voters are inspired to stay home & Republicans are voted back in power. A petty & vengeful Republican party that means to make the electorate pay for voting them out of office in the first place. The Democratic establishment learns nothing and so the cycle goes.

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