This is who the MAGA/QAnon Republican Party is now: an insurrectionist Coup Plotter who attended a December 21, 2020 meeting at the White House with Coup Plottter Donald Trump, and later requested a preemptive pardon for his role in the Coup Plot, and who is a pedophile who engaged in sex trafficking of minor girls, Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend testifies to grand jury in sex trafficking probe, Matt Gaetz’s future sister-in-law slams ‘pedophile’ ​congressman on TikTok, won his GQP primary race on Tuesday night.

This is what Donald Trump has wrought in the Republican Party: there is literally nothing a MAGA/QAnon Republican candidate can do, short of eating a baby on live TV (and I have my doubts about that) to lose the support of MAGA/QAnon Republican voters. As Donald Trump boasted, ““I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”


Ja’han Jones reports, GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz poised to make history with primary win:

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on Tuesday won his primary race in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, NBC News projected.

Gaetz, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, fended off challenges from former FedEx executive Mark Lombardo and pilot Greg Merk to advance to the November general election, where he’s expected to trounce the Democratic nominee in his heavily Republican district.

To my knowledge, if he wins this fall, Gaetz would become the first U.S. lawmaker in history to secure re-election while known to be under federal investigation for the sex trafficking of a minor. (Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing.)

It’s a momentous occasion for Gaetz personally, and for the Florida GOP. Few could ever imagine having to suffer such a deplorable, misogynistic figure for more than five minutes. But Florida Republicans have gone leaps and bounds further, holding Gaetz up as their representative for at least one more term. It’s a true feat of collective disregard for dignity and ethics. 

Gaetz is in a Republican-friendly district that voted for Trump by a wide margin in 2020. And recently, the Florida representative has succeeded in connecting his personal vendetta against federal investigators to the conservative movement’s Trump-inspired attacks on law enforcement.

Gaetz, for example, has publicly vowed retribution against federal law enforcement — in other words, the people investigating him. [Just like his”Dear Leader” crime boss.] Last December, during a podcast interview with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, Gaetz pleaded for voters to give Republicans a majority in the House, and for himself to be made House speaker.

This piece of human excrement wants to be Speaker of The House?!! Well sure, there was House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who was prosecuted for structuring bank withdrawals to evade bank reporting requirements and for making false statements to federal investigators. Federal prosecutors said that the funds withdrawn by Hastert were used as hush money to conceal his past sexual misconduct, i.e., the man to whom Hastert was making payments had been sexually abused by Hastert during Hastert’s time as a teacher and coach at Yorkville High School, and Hastert had paid $1.7 million out of a total $3.5 million in promised payment. Another former student made similar allegations that corroborated what the first student said. Hastert admitted to committing sexual abuse during sentencing on the structuring charge.

Those were more quaint times when a sexual scandal could end your political career and send you to prison. Now:

“I just need a gavel,” Gaetz said, adding that Justice Department officials’ “sphincters will tighten” if he’s allowed to investigate them as a leader on the powerful House Judiciary Committee.

It’s a perfect encapsulation of the Matt Gaetz experience, and what voters can expect if he’s re-elected: crassness and utter disregard for democratic processes.

That perfectly sums of the MAGA/QAnon Republican Party experience as well.

For the love of God and all that is holy, America, do NOT vote to put these nihilistic criminal traitors in charge of the government. You do not have the right to murder American democracy. You owe an obligation to the generations of Americans who have gone before and who fought and died to preserve our American democracy. Yo can’t end it for THIS!