This Labor Day, The Biden/Harris Campaign Launched Their First Ad for the Arizona Market

From Yahoo Finance.

The Biden/Harris Campaign was on full thrusters this Labor Day in battleground states.

First, the President delivered an address, touting Bidenomics, including the job creation record that has occurred so far during the Biden/Harris Administration.

It is a record reinforced by another positive (yet moderating) employment report in August where approximately 187,000 jobs were created.

The Biden/Harris Campaign also touted jobs creation, thanks to the CHIPS Act, in its first ad in Arizona.

Called “Manufacturing Boom,” this ad features Arizona Carpenter Union Worker Bill Ruiz describing what is happening in the tech industry thanks to the CHIPS Act and the President’s and Vice President’s efforts.

Ruiz offered:

“We’re building some of the highest tech factories in the world right now and we’re seeing American Manufacturing returning to the United States in big numbers and big projects. It is because of the laws Joe Biden got passed. Because of the CHIPS Act, we are building multiple semiconductor factories right now and those are going to create high-skilled jobs right here. There’s a manufacturing boom happening and it’s thanks to Joe Biden.”

Biden/Harris Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez issued a statement with the release of the ad, relaying:

“President Biden’s historic legislative agenda is bringing manufacturing and good jobs to communities across the country, including Phoenix. But don’t just take our word for it – Bill is a Phoenix local and a member of the carpenters’ union who is seeing firsthand jobs and manufacturing coming to his community. This ad is just the latest example of how our campaign will leverage trusted, local voices to talk about how the President and Vice President are delivering for the American people.”

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