Posted by Bob Lord

I've placed Thucky on double secret probation. It seems he's taken to just making stuff up (i.e., lying) in his comments.


In a recent comment, he tried to pass this off as accurate: 

You ought to be concerned, we now have three years without any increase in government revenues in the United States. All these tax increases have yielded nothing.

The actual numbers show significant growth in yearly U.S. tax receipts, both in nominal dollars and inflation adjusted dollars. The actual numbers can be found here, and probably a couple hundred other places as well. Government revenues have grown substantially in the past three years. There simply was zero truth to what the Thuckmeister attempted to pass off as fact. 

So, Thuckarooskie's breached our trust, and the trust of our readers. For that, double secret probation is the only option.

To be continued…