Thucky: Racism Under Another Name


Posted by Bob Lord

So, in making the transition to the new site, I had the occasion to look back at some old posts and comments, and stumbled on this one: How Many Other Trayvon Martins Have There Been? I posted it shortly after the Trayvon Martin tragedy became news. My question was how many other uncharged vigilante murderers were roaming the streets of Jackson, or Mobile, or Glendale?

I received this comment from a “Falcon9”

Here is my bet: Zimmerman has no criminal record and Martin has a criminal record for assault and or robbery. And, all of your preconceived notions are false

To exhibit prejudice is to “pre-judge” by race (or some other classification). Falcon9’s statement is classic. He had nothing else to go on besides race when he made his “bet.” Turned out, of course, he was dead wrong. Martin did not have a criminal record of any relevance (unless you consider pot smoking related to violence) and Zimmerman had run-ins with the law over violent acts both before and after his slaying of Martin. 

I read this and thought, “Wow, that sounds a lot like ole racist Thucky.” It reminded me of this comment about poor people from Thucky:

People aren’t as anxious to work anymore. The flat screen tv, a beer from the fridge,, cheap movies from netflixs. Why do that bothersome thing called work.

Curious, I checked the comments from Falcon9 and Thucky. Lo and behold, they’re one and the same. For whatever  reason, Thucky went by Falcon9 until about the middle of 2012, then changed names. 

So there you have it. Thucky’s racism under another name. And, true to form, Thucky is entirely unaware of his own racism. Heck, he may even respond to this by noting that “some of his best friends are black.”