Thucky, Why the Sudden Change of Heart?


So, today our friend Thucky aka Huppenthal treated the local press to a tearful apology for his comments, claiming he was deeply sorry for them.

Funny, just three weeks ago, he dared us to publish his comments. In a comment to my post, Breaking: Thucky to Stand In For Huppenthal at Next Debate, he laid down the gauntlet:

Thanks for looking up some of my comments and repeating them. They don’t embarrass me. In fact, a few of them are quite impressive. In fairness, why don’t you have Thucydides day and repeat all of my comments?

That’s not contrition your reading. It’s defiance.

So, why the sudden change of heart?

Could it be that the defiance evolves into contrition as the microphones of those calling him out get larger?

Laurie Roberts today asked the same question I did awhile back: Is Huppenthal sorry, or sorry he got caught. I know how I’d bet.


  1. Bob Lord, THANK YOU!!! I am a resident of LD18 (formerly LD20) that elected Huppenthal to the state legislature for 18 years. The Democrats in LD18 have known what a sleazeball he is for years. Now, due to your exemplary work, the whole state knows that he does not have the ethics or integrity to serve in any political office in Arizona.

  2. It will probably help him in the primary! And only if we give arizona latinos a reason to vote democrat instead of pandering to the few conservative democrats still in the party will we have a chance in november!

  3. Thanks for exposing this. As a conservative who cannot support his education policy I am glad to see him being called out for his unethical practices. Keep up the great work!

  4. I wonder if his “Hispanic friends” from his parochial school days at St. John’s Catholic School will defend their “Caucasian friend” now that he has shown his true colors. Hey Marcelino, still a friend of this hypocrite?

  5. Mark Twain said it best of the thief–“He wasn’t sorry he did it as much as he was sorry he got caught.” That’s ThuckFalc-o-sockpuppet- Socrates in a nutshell.

    • I honestly had no idea I was chanelling Twain when I wrote that post. Thanks for enlightening me AZterritory.

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