Time for ‘None of The Above’ option on the ballot


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I have been advocating for this option in Arizona for years, to no avail. For many years I lived in a GOP voter registration dominated district where frequently the Republican candidate appeared on the ballot without opposition. An "undervote" by leaving the ballot blank for that race does not indicate my dissatisfaction with that office holder. I wanted the option of "None of The Above" to register a protest vote against my elective representative. I am sure many Republicans probably feel the same way in Democratic voter registration dominated districts. Hopefully it would chasten them and make them more responsive to their constituents.

Hell, based upon recent polling, it appears voters would prefer "None of The Above" to any candidate appearing on the ballot. That should be the voter's right.

Nevada’s unique “none of the above” voting option for statewide races was recently upheld after the U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to consider an appeal by national Republicans. US Supreme Court won’t hear Nevada ballot case:

The option has been on the ballot since 1976. It applies only to statewide races and was enacted by the Legislature to try to curb voter apathy in the wake of the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon.

The intent was to give voters a way to voice their displeasure with candidates and elected officials at the ballot box.

* * *

A three-judge panel dismissed the GOP suit outright, declaring the 11 plaintiffs lacked standing. That prompted the appeal to the nation’s highest court.

Nevada is the only state in the nation where “none” is a ballot choice. While it has never received the most votes in a general election, it often plays the role of spoiler.

A "None of the Above" law in Arizona could provide that, in the unlikely event that "None of The Above" receives the most votes, the candidates in that race are disqualified from participating in a new special election to fill the seat among new candidates for office (the subtance of the complaint by Republicans).