Time to Eat Crow


Hat’s off to the BlueMeanie, Steve Muratore and others who correctly analyzed the Arizona Independent Redistricting case.

I didn’t, and expressed my incorrect view somewhere in the comments a few months back.

So, I’ve been quick to note when I called things right, now I’m here to eat crow.

But I must tell you, this is really tasty crow. What a great ruling.


  1. Hey, if you were right 100% of the time I’d have you manage my 401K. May Biggs and Tobin wallow in their wrong-ness, crow is too good for them.

  2. I was surprised too. I was sure they took the case to overturn the commission. Instead, we got this great ruling and a way out for other states (with initiative ability) to get out from under the rule of ruthless, gerrymandering politicians. Does the AZ legislature have to pay court costs for losing the case?

    But, thinking about Andy Biggs and Andy Tobin and their certainty in this case, gave me a big smile all day yesterday.

  3. As if it matters to me that you got it wrong? Not at all.
    You’ve got plenty of insight that you share with our community of readers. None of us gets right every time. I’m glad we’re on the same side. 🙂

  4. I was hoping to get out of herr schweikerts distict but now I stuck. Sinema can continue to play games and let the libertarian candidate take enough votes away from the republican. Mc Sally knows 2016 is presidential election year not good news for her. Ann kirkpatrick should have stayed in the house.

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