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Earlier this week the Birther Queen, Sen. Judy Burges (R-Skull Valley), held an "informational hearing," i.e., a wingnut conspiracy theory freak fest on Glenn Beck's "Agenda 21" conspiracy theory, or as sane people refer to it, The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. The Birther Queen sponsored SB1403 which would have forbid any law in this state that would follow any of the wording of this UN declaration. This is the World Nut Daily "one world order" crowd.

According to the Arizona Republic, "the bill passed the House last week but is dead because action on the measure happened too late for it to get Senate consideration."

Not to worry, these tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists should charter a plane and head to Washington, D.C. for the next big wingnut conspiracy theory freak fest, a mock congressional hearing for UFO Truthers. I kid you not. Mock congressional hearing on alien life brings former members back to planet Washington:

Giorgio-Tsoukalos-not-saying-its-aliensThis is what a congressional hearing looks like in a some kind of
bizarre-o parallel universe: All your favorite past members are there,
including former senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), and former
representatives Darlene Hooley, (D-Ore)., Merrill Cook (R-Utah), Roscoe
Bartlett (R-Md.), Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-Mich.), and Lynn Woolsey

And the topic? Extraterrestrials. As in little green men. And whether
there’s a conspiracy within the U.S. government to cover up their

[You can bet Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the publisher of Legendary Times who appears in the History Channel's Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters, will be there.]

A longtime UFO-truther organization called the Paradigm Research Group is holding what it’s calling a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure,”
a five-day event at the National Press Club to explore the matter. The
confab, which kicks off on April 29 and was brought to our attention by
our pals at Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill, will be styled to resemble a real Hill hearing, complete with witnesses, statements, the whole shebang.

And to give the proceedings the proper air of legitimacy, the
hearing’s organizers enlisted a colorful roster of former members to
wield the gavel and question the witnesses. Organizer Stephen Bassett
tells us the group identified about 100 former members they thought
might be up to the task and ultimately settled on a bipartisan panel of

The “committee” members aren’t necessarily believers in
extraterrestrial life, he says — and that wasn’t a job requirement. “It
is assumed that they are skeptical,” Bassett says. “Their job is to be
objective fact-finders.”

The event will cost upward of $600,000, he said, including fees of
$20,000 to each of the former members, making it the biggest event the
group has held (it’s hosted other news conferences around Washington,
including a 2007 one aimed at pressing presidential candidates to support government disclosure of UFO sightings).

If these freaks have money to throw away, I take cash and checks. I'll be glad to take your money.

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