Tom Horne: Coward


By Tom Prezelski

Cross-posted from Rum, Romanism and Rebellion

The Arizona Republic reports that scandal-plagued Republican Attorney General Tom Horne turned down a chance for a televised debate against once-and-future Democratic AG candidate Felecia Rotellini regarding his fit of rage over Bisbee’s civil unions ordinance. He said that he “didn’t feel comfortable appearing with Felecia.” 

Rotellini is probably too gracious and professional to outright call
Tom Horne for what he is. For her benefit, I present the eloquence of Tombstone Epitaph
editor Pat Hamilton when the tough-talking Sam Purdy, a rival editor,
backed out of a duel arising from a political dispute in 1882:

… your life has been a lie…you are a cur by nature, a
traitor by heart and a scoundrel by instinct. I write ‘coward’ across
your brow so clearly and legibly that every man and woman in Cochise
County can read the brand of your infamy.