Top 10 Rejected Campaign Slogans for the Don Goldwater for Governor Campaign


10. Don’t call me Barry.

9. AuH2 Who?

8. Goldwater?  I thought he was dead.

7. Barry called.  He’d like his name back after you’re done dragging it through the mud.  Thanks.

6. Don Goldwater.  Campaigning Like It’s 1964.

5. Goldwater.  From District Chairman to Failed Office Seeker in 6.2 Seconds.

4. Like Len Munsil.  But Without The Crazy.

3. Just Like Barry.  But Without The Charisma.

2. Goldwater. He Feels Strongly Both Ways.

1. Goldwater.  We Are So Screwed.

Hat tip to Stuart Dollar of Drinking Liberally Phoenix

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