Touch Screen flips votes in Pennsylvania (and Colorado)


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Steve Benen reports, Life Imitates Art – Voting Machine Edition:

Four years ago, "The Simpsons" put together a short clip
in which Homer wanted to vote in the presidential election. He stands
in front of the electronic voting machine, pushes the button for Barack
Obama, and the machine immediately registers a vote for John McCain.
Homer keeps pushing the screen for Obama, and the machine keeps lighting
up for McCain.

When this happens in real life, it's a lot less funny. (Video below the fold).

NBC News has confirmed that a Pennsylvania voter recorded this video
today, using a voting machine's touch screen to vote for Obama/Biden,
though the machine automatically interprets this as a vote for
Just like Homer Simpson, this Pennsylvania voter keeps
saying he wants to support Obama, and the machine keeps saying

The machine in question was reportedly taken out of service once the voter brought it to the attention of elections officials.

UPDATE: A Romney-to-Obama voting machine?

Colorado's secretary of state is investigating after a dozen complaints that a
voting machine in Pueblo changed as many as 12 voters to Barack Obama, KRDO is reporting. The county clerk said the problem has affected choices for both presidential candidates. See the full story.