Trump Campaign is a Raging Dumpster Fire

According to veteran political analyst Simon Rosenberg, the Trump campaign is “weak, struggling, a raging dumpster fire.”

  • Top Trump advisor Steven Bannon is headed to jail, joining two other Trump advisors, Allan Weisselberg and Peter Navarro, who recently reported to prison.
  • Former House Speaker Paul Ryan said he isn’t supporting Trump, joining a growing list of prominent Republicans working against the GOP nominee.
  • Long gone Nikki Haley got 22% of the vote in the Indiana primary on May 8.
  • MAGA Republicans tried to take down their own Speaker, Mike Johnson, again.
  • Porn star Stormy Daniels spelled out the details of her adulterous affair with Trump in court as he watched from a few feet, farting away.

The Washington Post published a remarkable story on May 10 about the financial and organizational struggles of the Trump campaign and RNC. “I literally laughed out loud a few times reading it. There is Olympian levels of GOP bullshit in here and all sorts of signs of serious dysfunction,” Rosenberg said. Some excerpts:

Strategists for both major parties expect Democrats to raise and spend more than Republicans over the coming months, a dynamic that has been magnified by the significant legal costs Trump’s fundraising apparatus has absorbed to defend him in state and federal courts.

“There is no sign of life,” said Kim Owens, a Republican operative and public relations professional in Arizona. “Especially in a state that Trump lost so closely last time, you’d expect to have more of a presence. I would think, ‘Let’s step it up.’ I think it’s a terrible mistake.”

Arizona GOP chairwoman Gina Swoboda

In Michigan, some of the state’s operatives and Republican lawmakers have grown concerned about a lack of an operation there, according to four people familiar with the matter…

…and a reminder that the idiocy remains very, very strong with Trump:

In private conversations with Whatley and McDaniel, Trump told them not to worry about getting out the vote since he could do it himself. He told them to “focus on the cheating.” Party leaders say they are planning a massive operation around “election integrity,” with tens of thousands of volunteers who will monitor precincts and vote-counting across the country.


But in the meantime, the complaints have continued. One person who works on battleground issues for the Trump campaign said there has been a lack of strategy articulated to workers in the field.

“What they are totally missing is a rank-and-file army,” a Republican involved in Trump’s efforts said.

Another key Republican familiar with the national GOP’s operation in Arizona bemoaned the lack of money, staffing and direction from Trump’s team in the sprawling battleground state. In 2020, he lost the state by 10,457 votes and its 11 electoral votes went to Biden.

“They haven’t even sent a data person,” the Republican said. “I said to someone yesterday, ‘No one’s coming — it’s just us.’”

“This story confirms something I’ve been writing about here for weeks – Trump is very behind Biden financially and organizationally and simply is not going to be able to catch up this year. It’s all very Trumpian – all hat, no cattle. And it is a very, very big problem for the Republican Party up and down the ballot in the battlegrounds and across the country,” Rosenberg said.

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  1. Donald J. Trump leads President Biden in five crucial battleground states, a new set of polls shows, as a yearning for change and discontent over the economy and the war in Gaza among young, Black and Hispanic voters threaten to unravel the president’s Democratic coalition.

    The surveys by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer found that Mr. Trump was ahead among registered voters in a head-to-head matchup against Mr. Biden in five of six key states: Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Mr. Biden led among registered voters in only one battleground state, Wisconsin.

    • Hi John Government Checks Kavanagh!

      Did you mean to comment on the actual article? You know, about the state of your party?

      About how the campaign of convicted rapist Donald J. Trump hasn’t been helping out here?

      No? Just a list of polls? No thoughts on the actual topic?

      People who trust polls in 2024 are likely unfrozen cavemen, because anyone who’s been not frozen for years knows better.

      Be careful around unfrozen cavemen like JGCK, the modern world is very frightening to them.

      You are one seriously useless troll.

      • Is that a brag? FFS. The Times is trash and has been for years now.

        Weren’t you one of those guys mocking polling when HRC lost? But now you’re all in on polls?

        Must be fun playing ping pong inside your own brain against yourself.

        Constantly inconsistent. Cool, dude.

        • What the “good Senator” and news organizations refuses to acknowledge is polls at this point are pretty worthless. Witness the MD Senate primary where Angela Alsobrooks was polled as being in a dead heat against David Trone yet she stomped him 54% to 42%.

          Another factor is telephone polls are conducted by calling land lines which are mainly used by older people while most everyone else ditched land lines in favor of mobile phones (which I believe pollsters are prohibited from calling). Even if polling calls to mobile phones are legitimate, many users, including myself, have their phones set up to not ring unless the caller is in the mobile phone’s address book which does allow the caller to leave a voicemail. And who, aside from a political junkie, would respond to a pollster’s voicemail?

          • In 2024, polls are clickbait and pretty much useless.

            Just like John Government Checks Kavanagh.


      • Whistle past the graveyard much?

        There’s only one poll that counts now, and it takes place in November.

        Of course, if you don’t like the results of that one, you’ll just cry “Fraud!” and insist that it doesn’t count.

  2. If true, Dems better worry because in spite of all this, Trumps still ahead.

    How do you explain that? Two words – Joe Biden.

    • John Kavanagh in November 2016 – “Haha, polls are wrong”.

      John Kavangh in 2024 – “Haha, the convicted rapist Donald J. Trump who I JGCK support is leading in the polls”.

      This guy lives off the taxpayer, aka ‘other people’s money’, has never had a private sector job in his life, and spends his time doing copy/paste from ALEC boilerplate and trying to incite violence against immigrants, then takes a moment to show off his complete lack of critical thinking ability here, where he spends his time trying to own the libs, just like a real grownup man would.

      I’m starting to feel kinda’ bad for you, John Government Checks Kavanagh, I can’t imagine a sadder way to spend my golden years.


    • Well, you convinced me to abandon my moral beliefs and vote for your convicted rapist, Donald j. Trump.

      Seriously, what the AF are you doing with your time?



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