Trump Dementia = Biden Re-election

Trump’s senile dementia, mental decay and confused braying will lead to the re-election of President Biden — even among voters who think both of them are too old.

Trump, age 77, likes to attack President Biden, age 80, for being too old. But Trump’s recent string of public gaffes and garbling has nullified that line of attack. Check this out:

  • In Sioux City, Iowa, he thanked attendees from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I grew up in Sioux City, and the locations are entirely different.
  • He claimed he beat Barack Obama in the 2016 presidential election. He said this twice.
  • He warned on Sept. 15 that America was on the verge of World War Two.
  • Trump mentioned Viktor Orban, the dictator of Hungary and called him “the leader of Turkey.”
  • He told supporters, “you don’t have to vote — don’t worry about voting. We’ve got plenty of votes.”
  • He referred the terrorist organization Hamas by calling it “hummus.”
  • “Can you believe I’m a politician? I can’t even.” 

“With droopy eyelids and mouth agape, Trump stammers and mumbles. He squints. His arms flap. He shuffles his feet and wanders laggardly across the stage. A burst of laughter and applause erupts from the crowd as he feigns confusion by turning and pointing to invisible supporters, as if he does not realize his back is to them,” said the New York Times.

It could be the decisive issue in the election

An August survey by Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found that 43% of U.S. voters said both men were “too old to effectively serve another four-year term as president.” Among those voters, 61% said they planned to vote for President Biden anyway, compared with only 13%who said they planned to vote for Trump.

The findings were corroborated in October in a Franklin & Marshall College poll of registered voters in Pennsylvania. It found that 43 percent of Pennsylvanians said both men were “too old to serve another term.” An analysis of that data for the New York Times showed that President Biden led Trump among those voters by 66% percent to 11% percent.

“People who believe they are both too old intend to vote for Joe Biden in a landslide,” said political commentator Keith Olbermann. “It could be the decisive issue in the election.”

The 2024 election may all depend on convincing as many voters as possible, not that Joe Biden isn’t too old, but convincing as many voters as possible that Biden and Trump are both too old, he said.

“The entire Biden age issue is irrelevant. It’s the Trump age issue that is decisive,” Olbermann said. “Trump is falling apart faster than a three for $129 suit.”

My old man can beat up your old man is the absolute goddamned best campaign slogan Joe Biden could ever have this year,” he said.

11 thoughts on “Trump Dementia = Biden Re-election”

  1. I think all of us – especially JGCK – are reading the wrong thing into this.

    My guess is that Cheeto knows that he’s going to be convicted and he’s trying to establish a “diminished mental capacity’ thing in order to keep himself out of prison.

    • The most shocking thing that will never happen is Dump saying, “”You’re right, I was inflating values all the time, everybody does it, if the banks are stupid enough to loan me money based in these values, it on them not me.”

  2. In addition to showing Biden down in 5 of 6 battleground states, the NYT/Sienna poll talks about the voter’s view of both Trump’s and Biden’s mental acuity. They do not agree with Larry’s biased assessment. Here is what the voters who were polled said,

    “For Mr. Biden, who turns 81 later this month, being the oldest president in American history stands out as a glaring liability. An overwhelming 71 percent said he was “too old” to be an effective president — an opinion shared across every demographic and geographic group in the poll, including a remarkable 54 percent of Mr. Biden’s own supporters.

    In contrast, only 19 percent of supporters of Mr. Trump, who is 77, viewed him as too old, and 39 percent of the electorate overall.

    Concerns about the president’s advancing age and mental acuity — 62 percent also said Mr. Biden does not have the “mental sharpness” to be effective — are just the start of a sweeping set of Biden weaknesses in the survey results.”

    But nice try Larry!

    • Johnny boy, I see you’ve awakened from your stupor to read my article! Be sure your nusemaids give you plenty of amphetamine. Let’s put the poll in perspective:

      • This poll tells us nothing about next year. It only tells us what might happen if the election were held today.
      • The CBS News poll out today, which was done entirely online and not by phone, did not see the same Biden collapse among young voters.
      • While Republicans are actively running presidential campaigns and holding rallies, Biden’s campaign won’t really begin until early next year.
      Biden’s record is actually quite popular, once voters hear about it.
      • This election will likely be decided by the “double-haters” — those voters who disapprove of both Biden and Trump.
      • Polls of the presidential race before the primaries begin are not very predictive, but this may not hold in a race likely to feature two presidents who are universally known.
      • Polls predicted a “red wave” in the 2022 midterms that never actually materialized.

      OK, Johnnie, you can go back to sleep now.

      • Actually the main point of my post was that voters do not agree with your take on the mental acuity of Trump but you keep up with your disrespectful name calling and whistling past the graveyard.

        • John Government Checks Kavanagh was on this site not long ago complaining about Hobbs not debating.

          But he says nothing about Trump not debating.

          He’s supposed to be in the “law and order party”, LOL, but he’s supporting a convicted rapist who’s about to be a felon, probably many times over.

          How is anyone supposed to take this old racist seriously?

          RaicesTexas Dot Org

  3. This is wishful thinking at its finest. The whole MAGA schtick is based on finding the dumbest of the dumb and convincing them they know something others don’t. Even when trump eventually goes away, these morons will simply flock to the next huckster that tells them they’re saving ‘murica from commie demmycrats. There’s no fixing stupid and the US has a surfeit of stupid, thanks in large part to christians and their christian madrasa.

    Earlier this year, I met a vet at the VA who loudly proclaimed he got lousy care at the non-VA, for-profit hospital because “they’re all socialists but the VA is all conservatives.” This is the level of stupid out there. I didn’t even try to explain that for-profit hospitals are managed by capitalists and the VA is social medicine.

  4. The media picks our POTUS, and the media is all in on convicted rapist T4ump.

    Good lord, on any given day even left wing news sites are all about convicted rapist T4ump.

    How can the average Joe know if Biden’s doing a good job or not if the news is 100% MAGA?

    It’s 2016 still, and billions in free airtime is still going to a convicted rapist and con man, and 2016 was a hot wet pile of shit.

    On topic, thanks to all the folks who make this blog work, it’s one of the few places we can learn about local/state issues.

    Now if I can just get everyone using the correct term for the VTY (h/t Wileybud), which is “Convicted Rapist Donald J. Trump”.

  5. Very revealing and excellent review of the many problems with Trumps mind!
    ….or should we say mindlessness!

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