Trump is Doomed by Convictions

The headlines say it all:

Half of Americans think Trump should end campaign after conviction

A plurality of Americans, 50%, think former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict on all 34 counts in his business fraud trial was correct, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds, and almost as many, 49%, think he should end his 2024 presidential campaign over the result. 

Most Swing Voters Approve of Trump Guilty Verdict

A new Data for Progress poll finds that 56% of likely voters approve of the jury finding Donald Trump guilty on all 34 counts while 38% disapprove.

But here’s the interesting part: Among just swing voters, 60% approve of the jury’s decision, while only 24% disapprove.

 50% Of Voters Agree With Guilty Verdict In Trump NYC Trial

A Quinnipiac survey of voters asked about the guilty verdict in Trump’s New York City criminal trial in connection to charges of falsifying business records.

  • Half of voters (50 percent) agree with the verdict, while 44 percent disagree.
  • Among Democrats, 96 percent agree with the verdict, while 1 percent disagree.
  • Among independents, 52 percent agree with the verdict, while 42 percent disagree.
  • Among Republicans, 10 percent agree with the verdict, while 86 percent disagree.

Trump is Doomed by Independents

Independents are the key to winning the race for President. Even a small shift away from Trump dooms his campaign.

“These numbers are lower than they should be, but they are still good news in a highly polarized political environment where every single Trump supporter automatically considers the whole thing rigged,” said Dan Pfeiffer, Co-host of Pod Save America and former Senior Advisor to President Obama. “The numbers among Independents and swing voters are encouraging given the historically high levels of cynicism flowing through the body politic right now.

CNN correspondent Kristen Holmes

Simon Rosenberg of Hopium Chronicles agreed: “The combination of Trump’s guilty verdict and the June 27th Presidential debate will wake up millions of Americans to the election. [See Rosenberg at LD18’s monthly meeting on June 25 on Zoom. Register here for free.]

CNN correspondent Kristen Holmes covered the Trump trial. After the verdict, she said Trump was “clearly rattled. It just was all over the place. He was not able to stay on message.” She added, “There is still concern among some of Donald Trump’s allies that a conviction is going to hurt him politically.”

“Those around Donald Trump, and the former president himself, understand that there is a section of people who are never going to vote for him,” she said. “And that includes independents and certain Republicans. They are not going to come around. They don’t like Donald Trump, and he’s a polarizing figure.”

“There was one poll that we saw that showed that 7% percent of people who said that they were likely to vote for Donald Trump would be less likely to vote for him if he was convicted. 7% is a small number, but it’s not that small when you’re talking about an election like what we expect in November, where both sides, Biden and Trump, believe it’s going to be decided by a very narrow margin. And particularly in Donald Trump’s case, where they believe that Trump’s base always shows up. So, 7% of a base not showing up is not going to be good for Trump’s team.”

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13 thoughts on “Trump is Doomed by Convictions”

  1. And yet, in spite of his conviction, Trump barely lost any points in the polls and is still ahead in most swing states. That says volumes about Biden as a candidate.
    Dems can only hope that his cognitive decline is on full display during the debate and he’s forced out of the race.
    But then, what do you do? Harris is less popular than Biden. Of course, you can throw Harris under the bus too, but that might not go over too well with large segments of the Democrat Party.
    It’s time for Blog for Arizona to exit the cocoon and actually confront reality and discuss it. I am glad to have started that ball rolling.

    • Sorry John. I will always support the person that did not take away my nieces reproductive freedom across the country. I will always support the person that is not encouraging his supporters to ban books in the states public schools. I will always support the person that is not the one that watched tv for two hours while the Capitol Police were being overrun by his apostates like your colleague Mr. Kearn and Mr. Finchem. I will always support the person that does not call the fallen of our military “losers and “suckers.” I will always support the person that is not the one who was found guilty and liable for business fraud and sexual assault. I will always support the person that was not impeached twice. I will always support the person that is not a science denier and not the one who told people to inject bleach in your arm to get over COVID. I will always support the person that was not endorsed by former KKK leader David Duke twice. I will always support the person that wants to expand the middle class and lift up those in poverty. I will always support the person who, unlike your candidate, actually gave us a Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS Act, lower insulin costs, Green Collar Jobs, the expansion of the Child Tax Credit, and expanded health care. And here’s a news flash, John. On November 5, the majority of the country will feel like I do too. Have a great day.

      • Just read that two polls have Virginia tied. Last time a Republican took Virginia was 2004. But don’t worry David, the majority of the country feels like you.

        • Seriously, at this point in the election cycle, polls are clickbait at best.

          But more importantly, John Government Checks Kavanagh, why do you come here?

          What are you trying to accomplish?

          Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to try to convince more people here that your party has the better ideas?

          Because, you know, that’s how you win elections.

          You whine like a little boy about your treatment here all the time, but you seldom if ever post anything beyond trolling.

          “Look, look libs, polls! The polls! Oh hay, libs, have you seen the polls?!!!!”

          I suspect you just don’t get the reaction on right wing sites where everyone is super smart and knowledgable, of course, so you come here hoping for a fight.

          Looking for that social media rush.

          To pwn teh libs. 🙂

          Important work for sure.

          How about after Wheel, you just finish your pudding cup and get to bed, peepaw.

    • John Who Lives Off the Taxpayer Dime Kavanagh just stopped by to brag about Republican voters not caring about law and order.

      Weird thing to be brag about from an alleged LEO supporter.

      Hmm, makes me wonder what we’d all find if we audited this guy?

      I mean, Arizona Republicans have a rep, and he’s from New Jersey…

      Oh well, convicted rapist and felon Donald J Trump can no longer:

      Own a gun
      Hang out with convicted felond Steve Bannon, or a bunch of his other old pals
      Visit a few dozen countries who do not allow felons in
      Vote in his now home state of Florida or old home state of New York. (Note – IANAL)

      Because he’s a f’n felon.

      The leader of JGCK’s party is a convicted rapist and felon.

      Maybe “party” is the wrong word.

      Maybe “cosca” is more appropriate.

    • Hey John! Remember a while back when you were trashing Biden about debating?

      Any thoughts on KKKari LaKKKe not wanting to debate Lamb?

      Didn’t think so.

      I’ve been reminding you for years, the WWW is pretty much forever and everyone can see what you post.


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