The Trump Republican Nominee for Arizona Congressional District (CD) Four apparently likes to have it both ways with regard to government aid.

While he is off on the campaign trail, condemning COVID government aid programs to help the people as “overreach,” he eagerly took that same assistance, in the form of PPP loans, when it came to helping his restaurants survive the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Below are the links to the PPP loan information for the businesses Mr. Cooper has an interest.

The total amount Mr. Cooper secured in PPP loans was $572,247.00.

It seems Mr. Cooper was for government aid for himself before being against it for everybody else.

With that government aid from the Trump and Biden Administrations (that his opponent Greg Stanton voted for and his Arizona House Republican colleagues did not,) Mr. Cooper was able to bring back employees that he was forced to let go at the start of the pandemic.

Does the fact that Greg Stanton, and not the Arizona House Republicans, voted for all COVID-19 relief measures that helped bail his businesses out earn Mr. Cooper’s gratitude?


Please click here to watch a video interview Mr. Cooper did (about five minutes into it) where the Trump Republican said Mr. Stanton lets his constituents down.

Again, this is the same Greg Stanton that voted for all the COVID-19 relief measures that enabled Mr. Cooper’s businesses to survive the pandemic.

Do those little facts stop Mr. Cooper criticize Greg Stanton for government spending?

Of course, not.

Below is a social media post from Mr. Cooper on March 2, 2022.

Does the word hypocrite come to mind when describing Mr. Cooper?

Remember, Mr. Cooper does not mind that money when it personally helps him. He just thinks it is bad when it is for everyone else.

Voters in CD Four need to remember that when times were tough during the pandemic, Greg Stanton, and not the Arizona House Republicans, voted for all the Coronavirus aid packages.

Voters in CD Four need to remember when prices were going up, Greg Stanton, and not the Arizona House Republicans, voted for the Inflation Reduction Act that reduced the cost of prescription drugs for senior citizens.

Voters in CD Four need to remember that it was Greg Stanton, and not the House Republicans, that voted for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the CHIPS Act that will move the Grand Canyon state forward and bring many high-paying green and blue-collar jobs to Arizona.

On November 8, voters should remember when casting their ballots that Greg Stanton will work for and serve them and hypocrite Kelly Cooper will only work for and serve himself.