Political observers have heard this false song before.

In 1993, united extremist Republicans, led by family values hypocrite Newt Gingrich, said that the Clinton/Gore Economic Plan, with its mix of tax increases, tax relief in the Earned Income Tax Credit, spending cuts, and targeted investments designed to help people, would spell disaster for the American Economy.

That disaster never happened and the economy flourished during the Clinton/Gore years and 22 million jobs were created.

In 2009, most extremist Republicans, led by Political Prince of Darkness Mitch McConnell, said that the Obama/Biden Economic Stimulus Package and Affordable Care Act would create socialism in America and destroy the nation’s economy.

That did not happen either.

Today, extremist Trump Republicans are singing the same false tune about the Inflation Reduction Act, saying it will raise taxes on everyone, not do anything about inflation, and put the nation into a devastating recession.

These same Trump Republicans had previously decried the Democrat’s American Rescue Plan, the one where the Biden/Harris Administration supplied needed funds to the American People, local governments, small businesses, schools, and health care industry to address the Coronavirus, and the food insecure.

How many jobs have been created since that Act passed?

How many people have been safely vaccinated?

How many people’s lives were saved?

As Washington Post Columnist Catherine Rampell relayed in a column published yesterday (August 1, 2022,) the only people that will be affected adversely by this legislation are tax cheats, hedge fund managers, or billion dollar corporations.

Those people do not sound like those that would be put on the street if they had to pay their fair share for the greater good of the country.

The Inflation Reduction Act should pass. As Rampell said in her column, it is not a perfect bill. It is also a far cry from the hopes conveyed in the original Build Back Better proposals.

That said, it does help people buy prescription drugs at cheaper rates, assists individuals and families with extended subsidies in the Obamacare health marketplaces, and provides needed stimulus to transition the country to cleaner sustainable energy sources.

If history is any judge, Trump Republican extremist claims about what will happen to the country if this legislation passes are probably just as worthless as earlier Republican claims about the Clinton/Gore and Obama/Biden economic plans.

In other words, do not believe them. Remember, many of these extremist Trump Republicans are the ones that do not think it is necessary to relitigate the past with the January 6, 2022 hearings on the Trumpist Domestic Terrorist-Insurrectionist attack on the Nations Capitol. 

These are the same science-denying extremists who botched up the reaction to the Coronavirus Pandemic with several of them telling their constituents masking and vaccines were bad.

Based on that, how credible should people consider their extremist self-serving tune on the Inflation Reduction Act?

In a word, none.