Trump’s Democratic Enablers


When 47 Democratic House members, including Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, voted with Republicans to slam the door on Syrian refugees. did they hurt Donald Trump or help him?

Same question, put another way: Do you defeat a despicable racist who is blatantly appealing to voters’ fears and prejudices by validating voters’ fears and prejudices?

This isn’t rocket science. When Democrats signal that our policies should be guided by fear and fear-based prejudice, to whom will voters turn? Will they turn to those who cowardly cave to political pressure, or will they turn to the guy who says unabashedly he will keep Muslims from entering the country and close down their places of worship?

Every time Democrats triangulate by appealing to fear and bigotry “just a little,” they enable Donald Trump (and Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the rest of the crew). This is not limited to the Syrian refugee vote. It’s every time Democrats compromise on freedoms guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights or go along with military adventurism. And it’s every time Democrats prioritize a bloated military budget over vital safety net programs.

Will Trump win? If he gets enough help from cowardly Democrats, yes.


  1. bob as I stated earlier in a post why do democrats think its is their appointed duty to save the republican party from self destruction? on 9-11 2001 nancy pelosi instead of demanding investigations and impeachment (as republicans would have done and did on benghazi) stood hand in hand with republiscum and sing god bless america! wimp liberalism at its worst! enough already let the titanic sink and stop trying to tow it to shore.

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