Truth and Facts Need to Become A #1 Priority

From Reuters

DO YOU KNOW Republicans want to run campaigns on the Immigration issue, but they refused to bring an Immigration Bill up for a vote in Congress? The Democratic/ Republican Bill the Senate passed would have made a dent in the Immigration issue. No excuses accepted!

DO YOU KNOW Republicans deny the economy is actually doing better? Look at the Jobs Numbers and the Average Jobs Created in the Biden Administration compared to the Trump one. No contest.

DO YOU KNOW that Congressman David Schweikert, with his nice demeanor, votes against the best interest of his constituents almost every time?  His extremist agenda does not favor those living in CD-1.  A few of his NO votes on bills that did not benefit voters were on women’s healthcare, education, veterans, the environment, keeping the government open, affordable insulin coverage, and contraception, to name a very few.  He was also a 2020 election denier, except for Arizona, where he was on the ballot.

Six candidates are running against David Schweikert in CD1.  It is a DIFFICULT choice as all have their attributes.  It is crucial voters consider the candidate who has the “it factor,” who is a dye-in-the-wool Democrat, who has the financial savvy to debate numbers fanatic Schweikert, who has detailed solutions to the complex problems of today, who can generate enthusiasm when speaking, and who will work for Arizonians in Washington.  In addition, having a large war chest is a must! After careful vetting, Conor O’Callaghan fits the bill.

DO YOU KNOW that the Rule of Law is already tarnished by Republicans in Congress who shun the Constitution in favor of Donald Trump’s agenda to benefit the wealthy and demean those he does not hold in high esteem?  Don’t voters realize the ex-President is holding Congress hostage?  He has a frightening grip on his Republican Party. Why are Republicans terrified to work with Democrats? Why are Republicans now the party of unlawful behavior and disorder whose members openly support a man (Donald Trump) who has been convicted 34 times, been impeached twice, and been found liable for sexual assault and business fraud.

DO YOU KNOW today’s Republican Supreme Court lacks a moral compass and unapologetically condones the Trump philosophy? Today’s court is anything but neutral! The Trump-appointed Justices embrace party politics instead of doing what the country favors.

DO YOU KNOW the country lacks urgency in keeping our rights and Democracy?

DO YOU KNOW that Trump informs the country every day how he will destroy what he does not like if he becomes President again?

DO YOU KNOW Holding leaders and political figures like Donald Trump accountable should be a must!

DO YOU KNOW that when voters choose, one side favors what is best for the US, and the other favors power over people?  Just take a look at what Congress has passed in 2023-2024.  Did your life become better because of decisions made in Washington by Republicans or bills passed by Democrats that are helping your state?

DO YOU KNOW how much your vote matters UP and DOWN the ballot?


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